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RE: open letter both to steem/hive:Bridge is bridge, road is road!

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looks like you do a lot of news, and know stuff i am trying to learn what did this account do to lose all his steem he is not active from 2016 so he did nothing except owning over 2M steem. no one on steem gave me an answer to this, and i think it is really important.


it's funny. who is the owner of @mottler? he got the HIVE airdrop:)

from what i understand, he was one of the miners at the beginning. if you check all his accounts, he never voted, never commented, never moved any of his steem. i am not even sure was he here when the social network started. maybe he even lost the keys... but for sure had nothing to do with anything. Except the fact that he had over 2M steem that he did not use. to me this looks like witnesses seen the opportunity to take 500.000$ from the account that will not make fus about it. 25.000$ per witness in one day, not a bad deal if you can get away with it.

Also, why try to transfer the funds to an anonymous account as liquid...which they weren't before. Why not move them to an account like the SPS which can't be moved without a hardfork? Yes. This has heist written all over it.

good question

may someone know about it

This is a very bad report card for Steem.
How can I trust the Steem Witnesses as investors when they can take my money away so easily?






Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort, auch wenn sie meine Frage nicht im Entferntesten beantwortet hat.
An deutschen Schulen hat man immer bei so etwas folgendes gesagt: "Danke. Setzen! Fünf!"
Ich werde aber trotzdem Ihren Vorschlag folgen und nicht weiter mein privates Vermögen in Steem investieren, da ich mir hier nicht sicher sein kann, dass es nicht von Ihnen oder einem anderen gierigen Witnesses gestohlen wird.


Ich dulde keine Scherze über Minderheiten. Was Sie hier zum Ausdruck bringen, ist gegenüber Behinderten Menschen sehr unhöflich.

Seien Sie froh, dass Sie gesund sind und schämen Sie sich für diese Aussage!

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