Caution: Winter tour for children

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Assalamualaikum to all of the steemian of this community. Hope you all are having a wonderful time. Winter season and traveling are corelated thing. Most of the people plan to travel may be with family or friends in winter. In family tour there have children as tour mate. Today I am going to share about the precaution needed to take children for traveling.

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Dress code: At the beginning of winter traveler will face hot in day and cold in night. For children you need non sweated warm dress. And you need to carry a sweater and a monkey cap in hand bag for night.


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First-aid Medical equipment: Different places carry different weather. Different weather may be not suitable for children. Fever are very common. If you carry thermometer then you can measure fever and can take necessary steps.


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Anti Sunburn cream: Children and adults both need anti sunburn cream for protecting skin from sun ray. It causes huge damage in inner skin.

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Anti inflammatory ointment: Some time different weather, different water causes rashes in skin. Another thing is insect bite, allergy problem in certain situations. All that case anti inflammatory ointment gives best solution.


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Hot water flask: Children are caught by cold very frequently. One of the main reason is cold air and using cold water. Of parents use hot water then children can be saved.


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Food contamination: Most of the people like to eat traditional food where they travel. Some food don't suit with children. That causes indigestion, diarrhea etc. So in travel time parents should keep medicine for children through doctor's advice.

Above point should consider before traveling with children. I hope my post will help you. Best wishes

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What a very practical publication about taking care of children during a specific season like winter which can be very hard by often.❄️ Thank you so much for sharing this article here.

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