The Steemit Awards 2022

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As we approach the end of the year it is time once again for the annual Steemit Awards.

This will be the third year for the Awards and we hope as many people as possible will put forward their nominations.

As before there will be awards in three categories - Best Author, Best Contributor to the Community and Best Community.

The winners in each category will win very attractive votes from @steemcurator01.

The Steemit Awards Categories

This year the Awards will be in the same three categories as last year...

Best Author

This will be for the individual who has consistently produced the highest quality posts.

Their posts might be on any subject, and in any language.

Best Contributor to the Community

This will be for the person who has made the greatest contribution to building the Steem community.

It might be through their work as a Country Representative, as a developer, or through setting up and running a Community, or organizing contests or other events or projects.

Best Community

This will be for the most active and successful Community.

The Community might be new or old, and might represent a country, or cover a particular subject.

It is not just about numbers of members, but about community activity such as running contests, encouraging and rewarding quality posting, retaining existing members and welcoming and helping newcomers. Building sustainability and self-reliance through growing a community curation account is also important.

The Steemit Awards Prizes

For each of the three categories there will be three winners who will each receive substantial prize votes from @steemcurator01 - with a top prize of a 100% vote.

Depending on the quality and quantity of entries there may be additional prize votes from @steemcurator02.

Communities will need to have a dedicated community curation account to receive the prize vote.

The Steemit Awards Nominations

We are inviting all members of the Steem community to make nomination posts.

You can nominate yourself or others, but you can only make one nomination for each category, and you should only make one nomination post.

For each category nomination you should explain in no more than 250 words why you think the person or community should win the award.

Nomination posts can be made in any language and must be submitted by 11pm UTC on Sunday, December 11th, 2022.

The posts should include the tag #steemitawards2022 as one of the first 4 tags.

You should also include a tag for your country such as #nigeria or #indonesia.

@steemcurator01 will be voting on some of the best nomination posts as they come in.

The Steemit Awards Winners

The Steemit Team will review all the nomination posts, and the supporting comments on them.

From these posts and our observations over the past year we will select the winners for each category.

We plan to announce the winners by Wednesday, December 21st.

We look forward to reading your nomination posts.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Hi the Steemit Team,

Thank you for continuing a good tradition. The end of hte year is the time to sum up with happened for a year and it is a time to reward those ones who did a good job and kept the platform active.

it is great announcement and initiative to give great appreciation to all level
thank you steemit, i will take part hope all is best
thank you steemit

It's a really commendable initiative, I appreciate it. Hope to see some good user names along with their contributions and also some good community names and details of their work. Looking forward to everyone's participation and I am definitely interested in posting about it.

An extraordinary Annual Steemit Awards competition with fantastic awards from the Steemit team.

It's a really great initiative. With the presence of an initiative like this there will certainly be many Steemians who inspire and give the best for Steemit. Hopefully the initiative of The Steemit Awards 2022 will run smoothly.

Great work, Steemit team!

This simply tells us that another year is coming to an end and i must say steemit has been soo good to some of us. Had it not been this blockchain it would have been difficult for the survival of some of us in this world called planet. And that is why it is written that everyone one has his helper.

Majority of people on the blockchain are doing excellent and they are contributing in various ways to the success of the platform. I have no doubt that this year awards is going to be exceptional. I also believe it will be better than last year's own not saying it wasn't good.

I am hoping that the best community, best contributor will not be easy to come by. However, there a lot of communities who have done marvelously well and some individuals, they have done more than what can be described as well. I hope these people are identified in their various communities and rewarded accordingly.

Best wishes to the steemit team and best wishes to all contestants who will be putting forward their entries.

Greetings to us all.

Interesting.ohh 3 nominees per category ,great ,great,a bit difficult,so many people working full out and making good posts,contributing to the growth ,but I will think about it carefully .I think every nomination is already a satisfaction and winning the award even better for a user or community.

Wow, me encanta, será una decisión difícil pero seguro los nominados estarán a la altura.

This kind of initiative is very great. It will increase the enthusiasm to work among the members of this platform. Along with that, we will see many good users. I hope, we will see something great.

This is very exciting news for all Steemit residents. First of all I want to thank Steemit for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. I hope the best quality full bloggers of 2022 will get their award from here. Love you steemit 😍😍

Steemit awards 2022 is come again, as usual let's make your choice and participate in enlivening the events that take place at the end of this year.

Hi all, it seems to be a great event, this is my first year in steemit and I'm willing to take the opportunity and participate too.
Good luck to all steemians. Et que le meilleur gagne 😊

What a good award it is!! I am looking forward to seeing the event! YAY!

Do you publish any nomination? (I hope you don't forget me 😂.

This is the Amazing Steemit Award!
Good Update!

Wow, an amazing opportunity for all of us to share our best choices with the platform. I hope that many good nominations for each category will be seen very soon. I will also make a post very soon.

Yea This is very good news for us. And I hope it will bring us a best future.

The Steemit Awards are a great way to recognize the top contributors on the Steemit platform. I think it would be great to see more categories added in the future, such as Best Newcomer and Most Engaging Content.

Great news my good wishes for Steemit

Saya rasa ini adalah suatu penghargaan yang luar biasa di akhir tahun , setiap orang punya kesempatan, dan patut untuk diapresiasi oleh semua stemians. Kinerja terbaik akan menerima imbalan yang luar biasa. Terimakasih team steemit untuk Khabar baik ini.

Excelente oportunidad para reconocer el trabajo de los autores, de los colaboradores y de las comunidades.

Estaremos presentando las diversas postulaciones.

Sabemos que hay muchos autores y colaboradores que bien valen la pena mencionar, por su trayectoria, por su trabajo, por su carisma y buena voluntad, por su dedicación.

Hay usuarios que se dedican al desarrollo de una comunidad, de su gente y sus actividades, así que será interesante ver las postulaciones que cada uno hará.

Muchas gracias por una nueva oportunidad de mostrar estos reconocimientos.


Wow this is a good process. Hope we can see many good community and many good user names here.

Awesome and resteemed :-)

Since last year, when I had the opportunity to apply, this initiative seemed excellent to me, since most of us give our best and closing the year with an award like this would be the best finishing touch.
I think that with the changes that we have experienced in Steemit and how strong many users are, there will be surprises among the winners.
From now on I wish everyone the best of luck because for me we are all winners.

Best regards.
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

Many thanks to the Steemit community for organizing such a beautiful event. Hope everyone will participate in this event. I will also try to participate inshAllah

It's a truly admirable effort. There will undoubtedly be many Steemians that inspire and offer their best for Steemit if an initiative like this exists. I'm hoping this is where the top-tier authors in 2022 receive the prizes.

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Wow, this is a very great idea to keep the platform growing

What a great challenge. And it encourage people to write good contents as well.

This is a really nice initiative. You are rewarded for nominations and your judgments in three categories. And that it continues year after year, I appreciate it. I think everyone should post these things. I am going to submit my nomination very soon.

hello. I am running a Steem-based NFT project, Steemlink. If you don't mind, I'd like to give steemlink NFT to the winners. We're thinking 1 each for writers and contributors, and 10 for the community. I'll wait for answers. thank you:)

This is such a relevant move for the writers to be commended for their initiative in providing outstanding content write ups. It is a wake up call for us members to continue with what we've started. I for one am guilty as accused for not being active nowadays due to unavoidable circumstances but rest assured that I will be active again in the comings days to come. God bless you guys!

Very good ideas.

"It's not the winning that matters but taking part" ;)

This is excellent news. I want to participate in this.

Wow,thats good idea,am actually a new steemian and based on this can i also vote ,and should my vote be on my nationality or i can vote for any national ,as a Nigeria can i vote for a fellow or i can vote for any other nationality based on their commitment and contributions to the plartform @steemitblog

Wow,this is another incentive to keep writer and hardworkers rewarded for their efforts. Thank You @steemitteam.


this is a really awesome contest. will be the best election venue for active users on the steemit platform. and it will also be a new motivation for me, because I am still very slow in finding new information, but for the future I will be more focused so that next year I can submit myself as a winning candidate in this contest. In this year's contest I will be submitting the name of someone who I think is the complete package in the best authors, the best contributors and the best community that he maintains.

Гарно дякую!💙💛 Усі дуже гарні автори, учасники і спільноти. І ми напишемо про свої вподобання.


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