My Dream Place To Visit If STEEM Payment Is Accepted - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 9 | Dreaming to Visit Israel

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Good day all, it is my first time to post in Steemit Travel and I hope my entry can still be counted.

It is really an interesting topic since I haven't been riding a plane, but there is a place I would love to visit if ever given a chance to travel.

A dream place or country that you want to visit? Location of your main destination and state what you want to achieve there!

I want to visit the country of Israel, particularly in Jerusalem. Aside from the fact that it is recorded as the oldest city in the whole world, I want to step on the land where Bible histories of Jesus Christ happened. This city may be considered Holy by the three religious groups not only in Christianity, but also in Islam and Judaism.



I don't have much idea about traveling Israel but I keep on searching little by little. It is very far from my place but it will be made possible through financial resources.

Which company do you want to serve your trip? You can write the name of the company or just write the criteria for the company you want to serve your trip.

I haven't been riding a plane in my 27 years of existence, so I don't have the experience on booking one. But today, I keep on searching about travel agency to take me to Israel, and I choose On the Go Tours. I choose this because of its customer feedback of excellency. As a first timer traveller abroad, I want the best for it and best accommodation.

Which payment method will you use, Crypto STEEM or FIAT? Give your reasons!

I am more familiar with Crypto Steem and the process of usingng it. When I am on my first time travel, I want convenience in every step I am making and Crypto Steem Currency can give me more convenient when it is accepted as a payment.

How much travel costs will you incur to reach your destination? convert to STEEM value!


I will be choosing a package tour for more convenient. On the Go Tours offers 4-11 days cost $213 per day. If I have the luxury of STEEM, I would take all the 11 days travel. It will cost $2,343 for the whole trip of equivalent to 10,153 STEEM.

Will STEEM be able to help you achieve your dreams? Write your feedback!

It will be made possible if I have the courage to always engage in Steemit and Save steem. Maybe in the future, Steem will increase in value and it can help many dreamer to make travel come true. The more people steeming in the whole world, maybe Steem payment will be made possible.

I think I would end my entry here. It is late night in our place tonight, I am about to have my rest. Thank you Steemit travel for this contest, anticipating for a positive outcome.

Best regards,


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ganahan sab ko ani nga lugar sa

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