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RE: Quarantine Over Now What?

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When you went to CA did you have to quarantine first? Get tested every other day and report or something?

 2 months ago 

In order to fly back into the US you have to get the PCR test. As for quarantine, LA county asks you to but fuck them. I have to respect Japan's rules because I am a guest, but in the US I am a citizen and their "rules" mean fuckall to me. I am a free man acknowledged by the US Constitution. I will not comply with "rules" in the US.

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 2 months ago 

Sorry, went a little bit overboard. Just pissed because our business has been hurt so bad by all this bullshit. I can't go out to dinner with my wife and have a drink unless I go to Baird Brewery in Naka Meguro. Now ANA is saying I can't change my flight even if I pay extra. The rich have none of these problems.

 2 months ago 

Yeah I’m not even try to go anywhere right now. But you take great pictures and you are into crypto so make your minerals into fancy NFTcollections ?!

 2 months ago 

I've been thinking about that since before NFT's. Had registered. I was thinking of putting the gems and minerals on a blockchain for certification. I know there are various ways to do it now with NFTs. Will have to re-think it.

BTW, my brother owns/built a Carando NFT site with his friend,

 2 months ago 

Ah nice. You can put your collections up there too.
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