Wolf rite

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Wolf by Dieterich01 in Pixabay

Wolf rite

It was only for a second, but an eternity concentrated on that small moment when, like wolves howling in the night, their beings stripped of their shells touched the barriers, murmuring words that scaled the walls of madness and toxic apprehension.

"Look inside me, I am the place, close your eyes... let us go."

"Don't do it Damian, you're scaring me..."

A breath slowly released the sound of life and a soft darkness received the density of light from two dead bodies, looking for each other, confused, in the spilled blood.

It was no longer just love, something beyond passion and obsession made it lose itself in the space of question and doubt, fighting against tomorrow, making the future a mistaken past where love was exchanged for power over she, trampling on reason in the vision of a gun in the mouth or a war.

(End of five minutes)

"Should I talk? Will I look weak if I leave everything behind? If she bleeds, should I clean the stain? I've never fought for you. Should I go? You're going to betray me once more".

"Don't sing, Damian, for God's sake, I'm asking you! Instead of singing, you seem to be howling. You shouldn't listen to those songs, they confuse you and you get lost in a world that's not real."

"You say no, that it's all in my mind and I hate it so much when you claim I've never fought for you. You make me break down and give up and you make me always end up close, so close."

"Do you think I'm the woman in your songs? Don't make me laugh, I'm not like that."

"You breathe on my scar and make me fall apart. Is it better to talk? What if I'm wrong? It's better that we leave on a normal day, in a normal way."

"Damian, no!"

"Look inside me, I am the place, close your eyes... let us go."

"Don't do it Damian, you're scaring me..."

That's what it sounded like back there in the afterlife: slow, peaceful, musical. But here it was, crazier, more violent, more visceral; like the rite of a wolf.


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