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The central quality of a monster

She stared at the table as she tried to remember her attacker and began to describe to the police officers what came to her mind as breathtaking bursts in the midst of the shadows where an unidentifiable figure, a figure non-existent in our real world, if she thought about it coldly, was leaning back with her strength to compensate for her hunger for fear and her power over her helplessness.

He was a psychopath turned serial killer with a low profile for the victims who receive him in their home without warning and without announcement, he simply comes out of nowhere and attacks. Later, she would read that this was the central quality of a monster, besides making your life miserable.

It is said that the habit does not make the monk and that appearances are deceptive, and in this case, the adages are true, because a monster that attacks in the shadows, takes advantage of its familiar face, of the victim's ignorance of its presence, and of the weak childish light that is lit by associating memories buried in some never-visited corner of the mind.

When a shape is contorted in a grotesque way, the monster appears in the mind of the woman who has been raped, and one can speak of a monstrous rape, when the stalker exerts a terrible violence on the woman. But this time, neither of these two things was done at fatal levels because of the strong protection provided by the neighbor's dog that entered her defense through the back door, giving her the opportunity to run away, getting the worst of it.


His face lit up, he lifted his arms to the heavens and let out a long whoop, unexpected in a man of such sobriety. Anti-homicide cops came looking for him in custody because his stepdaughter reported him for attempted rape and murder of her mother.

Thanks to that dog, not only is she alive, but a bad memory has been unlocked in her memory. Tears rolled down her cheeks when she associated the death of the brave dog with the death of her mother.

She put together the unfinished puzzle in her memory, the piece that blocked the memory of a girl abused by her stepfather and defended by her mother like a wild dog, with the same end of the story, she turned on the light in that corner of memory she could not access because it was closed by intense pain: Her adoptive father killed her mother when he defended her from abuse and made her go through an accident in the bathroom.

Now she remembers and accuses before the authorities the evil one who raised her in her mother's life and who could not finish raising her because an aunt asked for and obtained custody of her, thanks to which she was able to grow up in a loving and healthy environment that allowed her to leave in that dark corner of her mind the bad memory that surfaced with the attack she received today.


The puppy yelped and that took her out of her meditation on all the anguish she had experienced in the last few months after the attack:

She moved to another condo to continue her life without the pressure of being attacked again by her stalker, who despite being identified by the Special Victims Unit, had not yet been caught.

Zara, her mother's name, now became the puppy's name as a tribute to the courageous defense she made to protect her, as well as the neighbor's dog that was killed for protecting and saving her.

She stopped to feed her puppy and as she stroked it she said, "You and I are going to be inseparable, Zara. But, I'm not going to trust, I have to take martial arts classes for self-protection, just as I'm in post-trauma therapy."

She couldn't say she was happy, but she was more calm and working to return to normalcy in her life in a conscious and active way. There would no longer leave room for monsters in her mind. She would live to seek happiness without fear.


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In response to @mariannewest Weekend Freewrite- 4/18/2020 - Part 1 - The First Sentence.Each pate has a different prompt highlighted in bold
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I'm glad she was able to get away! Sometimes the psychopaths are not physical but mental, and that could also be very traumatic (over the longer run). Narcissitic Gaslighter Psychopaths could be very very toxic while never admitting what they are; because their entire life is a lie, they feel normal lying. It's telling the truth that gets them in trouble.

That's interesting, I appreciate it. I love the way you handle the terms on the subject, it feels like you know what you're talking about. I'm passionate about psychological plots.
Thanks for stopping by, @karstenholland

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