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I wish I had a microscope to see what my eyes can't see. All that tiny, microscopic life we live without making second thoughts. What might look creepy isn't necessary it benefits and makes us strong? We need others, no matter how tiny they are to increase our natural immunity system. An immunity system most people forgot exists doctors included. What a joke we put our life in the hands of people without common sense, people raised by Klaus Schwab (does that man look healthy to you?) and so many specialists and pharmacies with their labs being on trial since decennial. Since these people are still alive it proves corruption and lack of justice is worldwide and not only in China and Russia like the media wants us to believe.


Once deaf and blind always deaf and blind?

No one needs a test, to be tested to know he is sick. If you don't feel well you already know there's something wrong with you. If you feel okay you are fine. So why the rush to produce more waste, increase your carbon footprint? It doesn't make sense since if you die you die. Besides you have been sick many times before in your life and survived. You forgot it but you did.
An exception is a hypochondriac who will always be sick if he thinks he is which reminds me of an episode of the cartoon Woody Woodpecker in the swamp (the crocodile called it a health resort) where Woody was talked literally sick by the crocodile and of course felt sick. Impressive isn't it how after a few lines Woody turned green and miserable. I laugh about it and to me, it's a good trick, a joke and you might laugh with me if you watch this classic cartoon but in reality, the minority of people fall for it.
Hypochondriac's, these types of people drive doctors crazy and the majority of the daily visitors of doctors' offices belong to this group. It's useless to talk sense into them. They go for being ill, they want to be tested over and over again and won't leave without a prescription for medication. Real medication, not the placebo or the fake, cheap variant of BIG Pharma's invention. What's in a name? A lot to some. The A brand is developed for a reason and after two years of C19, I would love to have my home lab test how much garbage is added to what we consume. What are those additives in our food, the baby products, medication, coffee, teabags, custard, flour and injections used by and given to generations of people? What hides in my skin, my blood?

Aren't you curious what your blood looks like at this very moment?
I am and I would love to run some tests. Not those commercial ones with sticks and plastic strips for spit, pee or poo, but a blood test. A visual study of blood cells and platelets and seeing with my own eyes the other, inexplicable, microbes, metals and substances present in the blood. The shape of the blood cells says a lot about health but also shows that there can be great differences in the way people can still function optimally. I could watch it for hours. Mine, my children's and the pets' but also I would peep at the quality of the water, rain, examine dust, dirt, skin and hair to know what it is that keeps me alive and makes me stronger.
I would have a look at the inside of pills, tablets, the oil and butter I use and the frozen vegetables too. I might even study the air and make up my own mind.

Too much news about what is called a hoax these days. Aids for example is back in the news. The Aids back then in the '80s and the new Aids (VAIDS or is F-AIDS a better name?) was caused by too many jabs. The EMA suddenly warns for it although the experiment will be continued till 2024.
What is it that makes us sick for real? Is it all imagination or are we addicted to pills, medication with secret ingredients (shredded trash of the nation) added to it? All that extra trash and poison BIG Pharma produces ends up somewhere too. Somewhere you won't notice it if you stay inside and watch the news instead of going outside, visiting the riverside, breathing in the sea air and working on your health starting with a diet.


We can influence what our blood looks like. I would love to see the difference and for that use my home testing lab. Doctors can no longer be trusted and will be history or the meds will be. The signs are there and before we know many of us are on our own unless we are useful or part of the elite.


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Photo microscope:


Leider kann man tatsächlich heute keinem mehr vertrauen.
Aber abgesehen davon, das man selbst nicht in der Lage ist, alle Tests zu machen die man braucht, fehlt sicherlich auch der Hintergrund bei den meisten von uns.
Einfache Tests mit Streifen oder Röhrchen und Flüssigkeiten kann natürlich Jeder machen.
Aber wenn es um mehr geht, fehlen das Equipment und die Kenntnisse.
Also sind wir weiterhin auf die "Willkür" der Anderen angewiesen.
Das wird sich nie ändern.

Sah ein schoenes Buch wenn es auch ein Buch ist u. zugeschickt wird. Wurde von u.a. Artzt in Venezuela geschrieben. Dort lebt man schon das Leben was wir erwarten koennen. Wenn es kein Geld, Hilfe mehr gibt soll man etwas machen und lernt oder stirbt man.

Wir erziehen uns immer mehr zur Unselbstständigkeit.

Bei uns ist der Strom ausgefallen - für ca. 25 Minuten - und alle rannten wie im Ameisenhaufen herum - leider ohne Plan!
Es ist unglaublich wie abhängig wir vom System sind.

Bei mir passiert das oefters. Das grosste Problem ist dann ob es nur bei uns ist oder allen und das es dann auch kein Wasser gibt. Kochen kann ich, heizen auch, licht gibt es, habe auch noch mobiles internet und powerbank damit ich wenigstens anrufen kann. Auch noch einen Kickstarter (licht und usb) also lesen usw geht auch. Ich habe schon extra Wasser aber mit Tieren u. Kinder reicht das nicht lange (1 Tag).
Generator vielleicht mal?

25 Minuten kann man doch leicht ueberleben denke ich. Mal frueh ins Bett geht waere auch nicht schlecht.


Deine Kommentare und auch Deine Tipps sind immer gut zu gebrauchen.
Ich habe zwar noch nicht viel Power, aber Du bekommst jetzt immer 100% Upvotes.
Vielleicht lohnt sich das bald mal für Dich.

...uuund gaaaanz viel Strom.

Ist nicht so wichtig wieviel dein Power wird ist finde es toll was von Dir zu hören und mal bei Dir vorbei zu kommen.

Gaaaanz viel Strom brauche ich nicht schon ein wenig 3 Kwh/Tag reicht schon. Gibt's bei Dir auch soviel Wind?

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