It's real.

The dude grinned again and passed back the Bud.
It didn't look special but it was. The first manipulated and most healthy fetus in the world. This one could resist every disease, heal itself and had eternal life without getting old. It was a way better invention as the AI and robots many were involved with these days.

"Well, what do you think gentlemen?"

"It looks promising, who will raise it?"

"No one. It will raise itself and is grown up fast. This is not a kid's toy but a real human ready to be man's best friend, a friend forever."

"Forever is a long time, who wants to live forever? Will I?"

"You will once you have real human's company."

He smiled.

The another day, I called my two kids over to my laptop.

"I like to show you something."

Both studied the info on the screen and scrolled down to have a closer look at the photo.

"If this is what you want."

"I like to hear your opinions, both of yours."

They looked at each other and I knew they were discussing it together. It was a twins thing and after all those years I was used to the fact they never spoke to me directly. Each answer took time, needed to be talked over between them first.

"We can not forbid you to have a life, start a life of your own. Do what is best for you."

They smiled and left me behind. They would grow old together and didn't feel lonesome, lost or the need to stay young forever, live forever. It was what the text on the screen said and it sounded all so promising. I clicked the button. I and AI never became real friends and the twins didn't need me it was time for a real human.
I filled out my name, the delivery address and didn't hesitate as the bill was shown on the screen and I was asked again if I was sure about my choice and agreed with the rules. I paid and felt relieved. It would only take ten days.
I waited ten office days, fourteen days even twenty checked my bank account and asked the neighbors. No trace of my delivery, no real human. As I searched for the site it was unreachable a new host could buy the site's name.

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My pleasure. It was an interesting day with the majority of the office being issued laptop computers and sent home to use their own internet. Me and a handful of other employees are staying behind in the building because we do not have appropriate internet to support work from home. It should become really interesting as I go into the apocalypse workplace tomorrow.

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What a disturbing story!!
Scammed, lost, lonely - is there an upside to be found?
This sounds like me granting permissions to SteemAuto despite warnings not to do this if I don't know what I'm doing (others assured me I can safely ignore that message).

I filled out my name, the delivery address and didn't hesitate as the bill was shown on the screen and I was asked again if I was sure about my choice and agreed with the rules. I paid and felt relieved. It would only take ten days.

For a long time I resisted apps and extensions because of this message:

Please leave Steemauto if you don't understand how it works or what it does. You could harm your Steem account if you change settings that you do not understand.

Finally, I tried it, and now the "harm" has apparently been done.

So I'm still posting via steemit not steempeak, and still Late to the Party.
Your story sums up my situation all too well!

That message scared me for a long time too and I had no clue what it meant. The fact is if you do not sign you always lose and can not join anything, same with the cookies message, and somehow you always miss the party or get harmed in a bay. After such a message you only feel more stupid. ☹
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you all are safe and in good health. 💕

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