Have Green Vegetable Huge Vitamins for human body?

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Hi guys , how are you? I expect that all member have good and also I am well now time in the world not to good but everybody keep with safe zone cause Corona virus.

Now i am dicuss about showing photography vegetable just one green vegetable this is!

Now this is my another post to provide in this platform and I try to totally saying about vegetable.


Yesterday I was going to side in our home and inside the home our vegetable garden and many other vegetable tree to plant in this garden and I appreciate it always time. That time j see this vegetable
Tree and then that time some photography of this vegetable tree and now two tree photo provide in my post.

20200518 23.40.19.jpg


This vegetable name bangli name is CoRoLa and this very delicious and this colour is green is 1st time and 2nd position or at last to be red colour and this is tasty is bitter but there are many benifit to providing in below:

  1. To provide vitamin C
  2. To protect Cancer
  3. Last time providing Vitamin A
  4. To be eating fry in food
  5. Very tasty to eat with rice
  6. Very good situation to create in global situation.
  7. To remove good crisis

This food our eating crisis to provide with rice and our whole family to remove food crisis..


I want to that every people plant this crops and to remove food crisis and this corola look like very different then other vegetable food..

At last finishing task i say that I recommend we many many vegetable to grow up plant and always to provide food crisis..

Thank you for good opportunity to post in this platform and also good one @gems community to show to involve always time.

Inspiration Quotation:

**If yourself is good , every thing is OK **

Your best regards

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