Never Bother (Prequel to Don't You Series)

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"I never bothered to get close to anyone, why would I start now?"

Shiela's personal rules for handling her family's business was simple, 'Get the job done and leave before anyone starts snooping around.'

But there's something about the little town of Mavenville that's keeping her from leaving, something that needs her help.

Will she risk getting involved?

Never Bother is a short prequel novella for the paranormal romance, Don't You Trilogy

Read previously published Teaser.

The dark pools that made up the creature’s eyes remained unchanged as it slowly let go of its human disguise—Dryads, as my father described them in his journals, were otherwise harmless beings used to living among humans by taking on their appearances, like your very own doppleganger. Though if there was something to note about them, the rise of modern technology seems to have driven most of their kind into more secluded areas. Which brings the newly established Lancaster Telecom Tower in Mavenville into question.

As if following my train of thought, the Dryad then started speaking in a low, comforting voice, “I bring you no harm, Shiela Lancaster. It is just… we require your assistance.”

*What did the creature need from Shiela Lancaster, and was she able to help? Read more by grabbing the book.

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Never Bother


Don't You Cry No More

DYCNM Book cover design by @viking-ventures
More credits: Commissioned Cover 1, part 3 - Viking Visual Art Tutorial
NB Book cover design by @ilovewintergem

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