A Look Back at My Writing Journey

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I'm back after going on hiatus here for almost a year. You could say I've been on a learning curve, as well as trying my best to cope with the pandemic that altered our lives for the whole of last year. Sadly, it continues on for us. Another month is ending by tomorrow, and it makes me wonder when everything will be better. These past few months, we have been learning to adapt and make good use of our time the best way we can.

I'm thankful that the Freewriters Community was instrumental in helping me come up with my first self-published work, Don't You Cry No More. It was the result of a month-long Maynia exercise that pushed me to complete my work. However, it was just the beginning. I also got to complete a prequel novella, Never Bother. Both are intended to be trilogies, although I would admit to being stumped for a while. I'm hoping to get back on track once I have completed a series of weekly short stories that I have been writing for the InkWell Community. I look forward to sharing more of my works here and there and everywhere. It's not easy being an indie author. I hope you'll give me a chance and read my stories.

I will be sharing snippets of my published works next time around. See you then.

My books are now available:


Never Bother


Don't You Cry No More

DYCNM Book cover design by @viking-ventures
More credits: Commissioned Cover 1, part 3 - Viking Visual Art Tutorial
NB Book cover design by @ilovewintergem

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