Steph vs. The Machine | 5 Minute Freewrite ~ High Heels

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Her high heels clicked the tile floor as she strolled casually through the kitchen. The coffee pot stood in the corner looking as just as pretentious as it did yesterday. The only difference this morning...was her.

She was in no mood to play its game. No mood to stand there pushing buttons to make a single cup of coffee because that's all it was good for. No mood.

“Alright you little Decepticon,” she mumbled, “it's either me or you, and I'm not walking out here empty handed again.”

“Ya talking to the coffee pot again, Steph?”

“You're dog gone right I'm am,” she said under her breath as she pressed the last of the buttons. Her husband came up behind her and scooped her into his chest and gently nuzzled the back of her ear. “And that should do it! Haha! You sucker, I've got you now. Those coffee beans will turn into liquid gold and do my bidding!”

“Ya proud of yourself?” he asked as the machine began to brew.

“Like you wouldn't believe. I even put on my stilletos this morning to show it I meant business.”

“Well, that explains the outfit.”

“You don't think my hippo pajama pants match?”

“No, the pants are fine, it's the fluffy robe and bedhead that made me more concerned,” he said spinning her around and giving her a kiss, “but you were serious about wanting that coffee, yeah?”


“Well, then you might want to grab a mug before it all ends up on the floor,” he said with a grin.

Thanks so much for sharing this with me! For more info about freewrites, visit @mariannewest!

Much love,
Stacie D

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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I enjoy reading you, I picture it all in my head, a nice scene!

I enjoy reading
You, I picture it all in
My head, a nice scene!

                 - isgledysduarte

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