Explosion - 5 Minute Freewrite - Birthday

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She sat in the driver's seat of her old chevy at a gas station, a Little Debbie's cupcake in one hand and a lighter in the other. The door creaked as the dry wind pushed against it. She held it open with her right foot, as a bit rust sprinkled down on her flip-flop.

“Happy Birthday,” she mumbled to herself and lit the small candle that was stuck in the white swirl of frosting. She blew it out and breathed in the candle smoke.

“Hey lady!”

She ignored the little man that ran the gas station, and tucked her feet under the steering wheel, slammed the door and tuned the ignition, but she wasn't fast enough. He pounded on the passenger window, red faced and sweating.

“Lady! It's you isn't it? From the news!” He raised his hand, shaking, holding a revolver. “I seen you on the news! You're wanted! I've already called the police! Get – get out of the car or shoot!”

She rubbed her left eye with her fist and sighed, then laughed. Even here, even today. Of course...

She revved the engine and took off towards the exit. The owner fired a shot, but missed, then fired again and hit her right side mirror. Pieces of glass and plastic flew through the air.

“Dang it,” she said as she swung the car around parallel to the building. “I just wanted a peaceful day.” She balanced her cupcake on her right knee, clicked the the safety off her pistol then fired one shot at the gas pump. It exploded instantly. Her heart sang a little as she watched the orange flames light up the sky. “Unnecessary, maybe, but it's my birthday after all.”

Thanks so much for sharing this with me! It's a little different than my freewrites have been lately, but it's so much fun branching out and trying new things!

Much love,
Stacie D

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