Artistic Catharsis! Mini contest to help you shed your frustrations <3

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As I'm sure you are all well aware, this week has been pure chaos on the steem blockchain and emotions are running extremely high! On a personal level I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to keep people as informed as possible and haven't been able to focus on my art very much.

After discussing with a few people the CATHARTIC nature of creating I would like to propose a mini contest so we can all blow off a little STEEM and have some fun.

For the next week I challenge you to create a piece of artwork that expresses your feelings in any way you like. That can mean any medium, visual art, music etc. Please leave a link in the comments below, and of course post in in the Alien art of Steem community if applicable!

I have been helping curate with the @minnowsupport account for some time and also partner with OCD so I will be curating the best entries and submitting to OCD when they fit the criteria.

Prizes will be an undetermined amount of steem and tokens depending on how many people join in!

You can also join the discord if you aren't already there, I am aiming to keep it free of steem politics and more of a place for artists to join and encourage each other :)

Remember that this is about expressing your emotions and having fun so all rules are out the window, just do your thing :D

Join my community Alien art of Steem and come get weird!


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Something to do for sure - better than breaking dishes! But since once a piece of mine had been voted one of the most horrific artworks in the world, be prepared .....

....... nah, like Dracula (Oldman, 1992) said in the movie "the warlike days are over" so my scare the neighbors days are over.

 2 years ago 

Yes after our discussion someone else DMed me some music they just made about forking the chain lol and I felt inspired to make this post. Thanks for the retweet too!

Hi @juliakponsford, a modest tip of appreciation:
$trendotoken and !trendovoter .
Also, please check out my Fourth Nonsense Writing Contest.

On a personal level I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to keep people as informed as possible and haven't been able to focus on my art very much.

I was feeling the same... and I thought it was me being in The Netherlands and dating and corona and all that stuff that made it tough to be able to focus on creativity ;>)

This sounds like fun but - as usual - I won't make promises about partaking.

No matter what, thank your for this opportunity and for keeping the creative vibe going.

Much love ( also to @vachemorte ),


 2 years ago 

Thats the beauty of this contest, no promises and no rules. If you want to participate I will be happy to see it :)

I can't concentrate and find it hard to create these days. I need all my focus to stay sane haha :>)

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