Maleidoscope or Kandala for Bullshit Heroes

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It's amazing how little can be achieved if there's no pressure to do anything. Can't go to work, could go out there and photograph the empty city but it's raining and it's cold and I'm lazy, it's almost futile for me to prepare any work for the days after a month or two when I do get to go to work again because it's such a long time and I'm not even sure if I can continue work as usual after this, I've played with the cats, washed laundry and twirled around the house like a halfwit (nothing unusual then).

I'm an introvert and I have no problem finding something to do at home and I suspect that after a month, if I can then go back to work, I will be crying to people that why did this have to end so soon?!? I still have tons and tons of shit to do at home!


Soooo... as there's no pressure to get something done quickly or even finish anything, I just noticed that I've been clicking this one layer of my bullshit hero mandala visible and non visible in Photoshop for the last 15 minutes or so. Just looking at it and thinking which one is better, more lace thingy on the edges or less lace. Click, click, click. Music playing on the background and my mind wondering everywhere. For instance if I had a huge dragon, I would make it gather all the toilet paper in the world to a big pile and make it breathe some fire to it and then we would watch the toilet paper bonfire burn and I'd see people cry after their burning tp and I would be laughing and laughing and laughing... On, off, on, off. Visible, not visible, visible, not visible. Click, click, click. Me laughing in my mind with my dragon friend.

You can see the big difference yourself by clicking the first and the second picture back and forth, back and forth. At least in Steempeak it's possible to click the image, arrow right, arrow left, arrow right, arrow left. On and on and on and on. Perpetual motion.

Really easy to waste time.


This is the piece of (f)art that the kandala was created of.

I did have something to say too. About bullshit heroes. And this maleidoscope that looks like a badge.

Do you have anyone in mind who would deserve a bullshit hero badge? Anyone here in Steem(it)? If you have someone in mind, here's a badge that you can link, upload, download, copypaste and spread around as you will. CC BY. CC freaking BY I said. Wrote.

That is, when you're done clicking.

Back and forth, back and forth.
On, off, on, off.

In the end makes no difference.
Bullshit is bullshit, no matter which way you look at it or how much you add lace to it.


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