Illustration - Mr. Snake / イラスト - ヘビさん

in OnChainArt4 years ago

This is a cross post of @djynn/illustration-mr-snake by @djynn.

Here is Mr. Snake I drew the other day. I would like to share it with OCA Community.


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 4 years ago (edited)

WoW, this is impressive art!
Im shocked

Thanks but you downvoted me.
I am just a hobby artist but I do enjoy creating.
I’m sorry but I don’t appreciate sarcasm.
I don’t think I was against OCA rules...
I guess OCA is a bit too much for the hobby artist like me.

 4 years ago 

personal downvote

hehehehe so pretty, I like the expression of running away from the drops of water. ;)

Greetings dear @djynn. ;)

Thank you!

You are welcome friend and do not worry, you can publish your art in other communities such as Gems, OCD or others. In OCA it is an art community but they put an abuser, sarcastic and persecutor of artists... something crazy, right?

Too crazy for me...not worth worrying about haha ;)

Particularmente me encantó @djynn, es muy tierna. Su miedo por las gotas me parece gracioso. jajajja. Saludos.

Very sweet of you. I’m glad you like it.
Thank you so much!

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