Digtal art_2020. Spring in British Columbia

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Hi friends!

Today my digital picture will be dedicated to one very beautiful place of earth.
It located on north-west of North American Continent.
One my friend, amazing nature photographer @keithboone lives over there...

As usual, I choose a photo from a set of free clipart (attached to Adobe Photoshop program DVD) as the base of reference.
I took only the mountain range and a source of sunlight from there, and the foreground is already the result of my inspiration.

Весна в Британской Колумбии_гот.jpg

This time I drew with my lovest digital program Paint Tool SAI 2


I started my picture with a sky


Then I drew a mountains and a lake.
Usually at this stage I determine where the light will come from and where the shadow side will be in the landscape.
The long-range plan of the lake is also in the shadow of the mountain on the left.


Far and near forest


Big stones in a foreground.


And a crocuses family


On this step I decided to resize a flowers group and make a sky higher to draw a clouds (yes, I love to draw a clouds on landscapes)) )


For drawing a clouds I create a special brush on a Crayon base, with fluffy like torn edges

6_кисть Облако.jpg


Then I replace a color of lake to more green (like emerald)

8_перекраска озера и текстура горы.jpg

Next, I cheated a little.
Since there are no another form brushes in SAI but circle, I had to save the work in psd format and open it in Photoshop.
Then I create a new brush in triangle form and set the option to draw a far forest

9_Кисть Лес.jpg

Fore foreground trees (near a coast line) I created another one brush like a pine.
It turned out to be quite realistic wooded hill.

10_ Лес.jpg

Specified a form of rocks with hard brush

12_ Уточнение формы гор.jpg

At the same time I detail the foreground stones with a texture brush

13_ Камни переднего плана.jpg

Coast line

14_ Берег.jpg

Most of the time I spent drawing the lake. Water is a very complex object for the artist - glare, ripples, reflections...
I needed three layers to make a lake's view more realistic.

15_ Озеро, отражение, блики.jpg

On this step I finished drawing texture of mountains.

16_ Горы_доработка.jpg

It remains only to draw the details of the crocuses, three pines in the middle of foreground and the shadows under flowers.

17_ Крокусы.jpg

As usual, I did color correction and sharpness in Photoshop.
It's ready picture!

Весна в Британской Колумбии_гот.jpg

I hope you'll like this my drawing tutorial.

This picture in full size you cal buy from my store on Makers Place

Have a nice and creative day!



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@c-squared, thanks for support!

Excellent work, and thanks for the shout-out! Greetings from British Columbia! :-)


Great shot of awesome landscape!
@keithboone, thanks again, Keith!

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