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It is once again Halloween and the children are out collecting treats, only this year there is a big problem! The streets are full of Skyler copycats!

The rules HAVE CHANGED, so please keep reading and familiarize yourselves with the changes.

This is sort of a board game and in its current rendition can take up to 12 players at a time. It will require daily participation. If you are interested in playing, please sign up as a reply to this post. The first 12 players to sign up get to participate. If there are less than 12 players signed up after 24 hours of this post going up, it will either begin with those players or be postponed if less than 3 sign up.



Each player will have 3 actions per turn. An action is a move of 1 space, a trade with another player in the same square, an offensive action (fighting), picking up an objective or item, a search or breaking down a door.
After all players have completed their 3 actions the police and citizens will take their turn. Police will spawn at locations marked "spawn zone" and any police already on the board will move or if in range, attack.

Officer-in-training (T) will carry a baton (bat).
Rookie officers (R) will carry a pistol.
Sergeants (S) will carry rifles.
ALL police get 3 actions per turn and will move towards noise made by the players or those in sight. All police will inflict 1 damage to players if they make a successful hit and can only fight if they are in range of a player.
Citizens will generally not attack unless provoked. They also get 3 actions per turn but have no weapons so only do a half point of damage per hit.

  • If a player is in the same square as a police officer or citizen, they NEED NOT engage in combat and CAN run away.
  • All police can take 3 damage before they die (6 bare-handed hits).

Players can take 3 damage before they die. Players DO re-spawn if they die and they can earn back 1 life point for every 4 kills they collect but they lose items from inventory.

Ranged weapons CAN be used against police / citizens in your square when there are other players in the same square.

Please pay attention to the moves that have transpired before you, so that your choices are based upon facts as they are and not as they were before (the people that played before you, just altered the situation).


  • Axe does 2 damage and can be used to open doors. If swinging at lesser enemies, the axe can chop down one enemy with 1 damage and continue through to injure a 2nd enemy with another damage point.
  • Bare hands can do only half a point of damage (so it takes 2 successful hits to kill a 1-point enemy).
  • Baseball bats (battons), pistols, rifles and crossbows do 1 damage. Pistols and crossbows have a range of 1 square. Rifles can reach 2 squares.
  • Sawed-off shotgun or scattergun: Since buckshot scatters, it would make a big hole shooting in the same square (hence 2 damage); at one space distance it loses momentum and scatters, doing less damage, but can hit 2 targets (dealing 1 damage each).
  • CZ 550 is an Elephant Rifle and can do 2 damage at a range of 1 square (or less) and 1 damage at a range of 2 squares.
  • A Molotov Cocktail kills everything in the square it is thrown into and cannot miss. It has a range of 1 square. Combining gasoline and a torch makes a Molotov Cocktail. When a Molotov is thrown, it will burn for the entire day and the following day, essentially blocking access for the rest of the day and the next day for BOTH Non-Player Characters (NPC's) and players.
  • To determine if attacks are successful or not, do a manual roll or use my online tool. A roll of 1 to 3 is a miss. A roll of 4 to 6 is a hit.
  • Ranged weapons cannot shoot through walls. Out in the street it is possible to shoot straight lines-of-sight a distance of 2 squares, however, inside buildings, since there are no walls, you can BOTH shoot and MOVE diagonally.
  • IF YOU KILL A COP, YOU MAY TAKE THEIR WEAPON but it is an action to do so.


  • Searches might uncover a sleeping police! A dice roll of 1 or 2 finds a police (then another roll determines what type of police; see spawning). A dice roll of 3-6 is a successful search and items found will be drawn randomly. my online tool performs both rolls with just one click and displays your result.
  • Searches can only be done in rooms, vehicles or dumpsters and up to 3 per player per turn. If a player has a torch, that player gets 2 random items (each additional torch carried will allow 1 additional item). Enter the number of torches you have in the text box of my online tool to recieve additional items. There is no limit to the number of times any particular area can be searched.
  • Players need not take everything they find and are free to swap items found for inventory items without using another action to do so. For instance, if I find a rifle and everyone in my team already has a ranged weapon, I would drop my x-bow or pistol and take the rifle in its place.
  • Players can carry up to 5 types of items each.
  • Picking up an object is NOT a search; it is a guaranteed action.


PLEASE NOTE that I will NOT be altering my tool for this one game, so when you see a zombie, please make the switch as appropriate.
Each turn will spawn new police at the spawn zones based on dice rolls as described below.
6 spawns a (hulk) Sergeant (S), 5 spawns a (runner) Rookie (R), 4 or 3 spawns a (walker) Trainee (T), 2 spawns a POLICE CAR with 2 cops in it and 1 spawns nothing.

Patrol cars

Cars will patrol the streets and move 3 spaces per turn unless they hear shots or screaming. Sounds can be heard from within the car, up to a radius of 3 spaces from the source (the screams of those being attacked and/or the gun used). If the police hear such sounds, spawning rolls must be made to determine what each type of police that comes out of the car is.
The cars are equipped with theft protection, so cannot be stolen, but you can search them. Nearby cops will take abandoned cars off the map if they are not chasing bad guys.

Player actions

Each player will announce their intended actions in the replies to each daily post.
Tell me your player number and what you intend to do. If you are unsuccessful, you may suggest an alternate action rather than attempting a 2nd time.

For example: Player 3; move left 1; shoot at zombie in next square left; if miss, move back.
Alternatively: Player 3; move left 1; shoot at zombie in next square left; if miss, shoot again.
In both cases, player 3 made 3 actions and their turn is over.

Trading between a pair of players (must be in the same square) may include any number of items in 1 transaction but still only counts as 1 action.
Players are free to collaborate and plan their strategies; this is a cooperative game.

Additional twist: Before each player takes their daily turn, roll a D20 to see if you get any bonus. Please note that the bonus must be used during the CURRENT TURN. If you do not specify to which action you wish to apply the bonus, it will be applied to your first action where applicable.


I will update the board with new player positions and NPC positions for the next day's play.

The object of the game is to kill all citizens and get off the map.


Don't forget, you can promote your own posts on the #happystream !


Tagging players @halemaster, @adnanibrahim, @pbock, @agr8buzz, @erikaflynn, @aussieninja, @pandorasbox, @goose20, @paulag, @hasnain06, @foodforfun, @rayne122, @dksart, @knightofzero, @shifat, @justatouchfey, @adenijiadeshina, @andre-verbrick, @mariita52, @bashadow, @nextgen622, @zacherybinx, @cyber.explorer, @hhayweaver, @improv, @badpupper, @simplegame, @holybread, @stever82, @mannaman, @jfang003, @shani.chaudhary, @secret-art, to let you know that a new game is about to begin. Let me know if you want to be taken off the list.

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Player 11 is looking forward to joining the new game.

 3 months ago 

I would love to join again.
Player 8 here

 3 months ago 

And I would love to have you join the game.

 3 months ago 

Just so everyone knows: My son decided to postpone working on my modem / router.

@tipu curate 👍🏾

 3 months ago 

Thanks again.

My pleasure 🤝

Player 10 ready to kill

 3 months ago 

SUPER! Glad to have you on the team.

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