[contest] Open the window of art talent

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Many of us love to do art. The art of many of us is very beautiful. Again, many people are trying to make beautiful art. But you may not be able to share your art due to lack of a better opportunity. The Steem community is giving you a good opportunity to share your art. I'm going to organize an art contest for you.

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This is the Sunset Art Contest.

Share your best sunset art and win steem. However, to participate in this contest, you need to follow some instructions.

All the rules and regulations for this contest are given below:

  • You need to make sunset art.

  • Make sure you add at least 100 words in your post.

  • The duration of the contest is 7 days.[End: 3 May, 6:00 AM]

  • You can write your post in English Bengali or any language.

  • Also add what country you are in.

  • Anyone can participate. Post must be done from THE STEEMIT CITY community

  • must include 1st tag #sunset-art and 2nd tag

  • The link to your entry post should be commented below this post.

15 steem in Prize pool

1st place5
2nd place4
3rd place3
4th place2
5th place1




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Thanks for creating this awesome platform! I'm guaranteed that you'd be blown away by the creativity that would follow suite. Goodluck to everyone participating in the contest. Cheers

Me encanta el concurso voy a participar 😊

Hello, I have a question !!

Contests do you mean painting the sunset on a sheet of paper or photographing the setting sun ??

It seems there are many misunderstandings here, including me !!



Exactly the question running in my mind.

Is it drawing the sunsetting on paper or photography of the sun setting @wo-photography?

Here's my entry!
Thanks for letting us be a little creative!

Entry contes sunset art from aceh [contest] Open the window of art talent - My Best Photography Smartphone ~ Beautiful Sunset Area see and give support, so that the author continues to be excited about participating in the contest ☺️☺️ 🙏🏻🙏🏻


aqui dejo mi entrada al concurso espero les gusten mis fotografias, saludos.

Wow! I am excited to add my entry soon!

hola @wo-photography por aca dejo Mi Participacón Saludos!!


Hi great Steemians,

This contest looks so promising.
Here is my entry.

Thanks for the contest.

Interesante concurso, puesto que cada quien pueda expresar sus habilidades a través de la participación; al mismo tiempo que brinda la opotunidad de generar ingresos haciendo lo que les apasiona .