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-Dear friends of The Steem City everyone welcome to my Diary. -📸🖼️

Dear friends, I want to send a warm greeting to @sabbirrr @rex-sumon and congratulate them on the daily growth of the steem city community. I also want to say hello to @tarpan and join the street photo challenge.

I love street art, many times we meet in the street and we see things that we can take advantage of to make a good artistic photography. I love to photograph buildings, streets, people, animals. Today I will present 10 photos of my authorship using photographic composition techniques. I hope you like it.

This is 100% original content free of plagiarism. These photos were taken from my Redmi Note 9

Let's start


Plaza de la Justicia water fountain.


Halo around the sun.

This Natural phenomenon is known as Halo or rainbow of the sun, it occurs when ice particles are floating in the troposphere that refract light generating a spectrum of colors around the sun.


Girls walking. Photo taken from my Redmi Note 9


A stray cat. While I was walking down the street I was able to appreciate this beautiful animal that immediately caught my attention. Photo taken with my Redmi Note 9.


A common square bank. Using composition lines photography. Generate a feeling of peace Tranquility the Photo. Photo taken from my Redmi Note 9.


Beautiful colorful mosaic that adorn the stairs of the Parque Concha Acustica in my city. Photo taken from my Redmi Note 9.


Acoustic shell Park stairs. Beautiful technical colors of the lines in the photographic composition. Photo taken from my Redmi Note 9.


Ultra-angular photo Plaza Bolivar statue in tribute to Simon Bolivar Liberator of Venezuela. Photo taken with my redmi note 9.


Torre David one of the tallest towers in my city. It can be seen from anywhere in the city.


Takes against the left wing of the tower. Photo taken with my Redmi Note 9.

Device: SmartPhone Redmi Note 9SmarthPhone PhotographyCountry: Venezuela
Category: CityScapeSoftware: XIAOMI-PSX
Sub Category Street PhotographyCity Barquisimeto@rafaelcmontero

Dear friends, this has been my whole post, I hope you liked it. I elaborated it with much love for all of you. Blessings for all.