Thoughts and Suggestions on the Use of Peanut.DAO | 关于Peanut.DAO使用的思考及建议

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Peanut Proposal System (referred to as PPS) has been in operation for 8 months since it went online on November 5, 2020. In half a year, the community had submitted 28 proposals, 14 of which were passed by community members, 11 proposals were not passed, and 3 proposals are currently being voted on.

PPS plays a pivotal role in the development of Peanut and Nutbox. SP delegation to Peanut has grown from 226k to 7961k today, which was basically promoted by every PPS proposals. In order to better develop PPS, after much consideration this week, the Peanut Committee has reached the following consensus:

1、 has grown very well and has extensively supported Peanut's global ambassadors and operations team. This experience is worth promoting;

2、 needs to be divided into several sections to support proposals in specific directions;

  • 1)committee/month -(20% of DAO.Fund)
    • To support global ambassadors, full-time operations, various AMA activities and promotions;
  • 2)Invitation Rewards/month -(not more than 15% of DAO.Fund)
    • will give an additional 1.5% of the PNUT reward received by the invitee from SP delegation as reward to the inviter;
  • 3)Nutbox V2&V3/month -(estimated to be 35%- 45% of DAO.Fund)
    • To support the development and operations of Nutbox Walnut Network and Donut Network;
  • 4)Ecological Support/month -(10% of DAO.Fund)- 87,600
    • To support the building of ecologies related to Peanut
  • 5)Other Parts/month -(10%-20% of DAO.Fund)

3、No proposal is required for those under section 1) and 2) above, but annotations are required when rewards are issued; Every reward under section 3) 4) and 5) requires a proposal, and the reward is given out after the community members have voted to pass it;

What do you think about this proposal? You can leave a message under the post to discuss it so that PPS can function better and take Peanut to the next level.

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Peanut Proposal System(简称PPS)自2020年11月05日上线至今,已持续运转8个月。在半年的时间里,社区提交了28个提案,社区成员投票通过14个,11个提案未获得通过,3个提案正在投票。

PPS在Peanut及Nutbox的发展过程中,起了举足轻重的作用。Peanut SP代理量从226k到如今7961k,基本都是PPS上一个个提案推动的。为了让PPS更好地发展,本周Peanut Committee经过审慎考虑,达成如下共识:



  • 1)committee/month -(DAO.Fund 20%)
    • 支持全球大使、全职运营,各类AMA活动及推广工作;
  • 2)邀请奖励/month -(最多占DAO.Fund 15%)
    • Peanut.DAO.fund额外给与被邀请人代理SP获得PNUT奖励的1.5%,作为邀请人奖励;
  • 3)Nutbox V2&V3/month -(预计占DAO.Fund 35%- 45%)
    • 支持Nutbox walnut network及donut network的开发及运营;
  • 4)生态支持/month -(DAO.Fund 10%)- 87,600
    • 支持Peanut相关生态建设
  • 5)Other部分/month -(DAO.Fund 10%-20%)



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