Nutbox Proposal #25 has passed the voting process of the community | Nutbox Proposal #25 获得社区投票通过

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8 days ago, the proposal: "Proposal #25: Nutbox Proposal for The Biggest Airdrop in Peanut" was handed by @nutbox.mine .It passed the pre-audit hold by @nutbox.dao 7 days before. Since the voting process has been done, the result is releasing now.

93 community members upvoted the proposal #25. In these upvotes, 33 of them come from PNUT contributors individually. The detailed information can be checked below:


The proposal #25 got over 64.54% of PNUT Tokens' upvote , and it didn't passed the threshold: 30%.

Now we declare that the "Proposal #25: Nutbox Proposal for The Biggest Airdrop in Peanut" has passed the voting process.

The blockchain voting record of proposal #25:

Steem users who hold PNUT are as follows:

The last six posts have not been approved by the community and the root cause is the low voting willingness of TRX-PNUT LP holders.

After voting by the Peanut Committee.Therefore, since the 25th post, the voting weight has been changed from TRX-PNUT LP to PNUT and the voting proportion remains unchanged at 30%. We will gradually optimize the voting mechanism. Hope everyone can support the development of Nutbox. Thanks.

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