Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: I love myself to the moon and back by @ngoenyi 👉Hurray yyyyyyyy, @ngoenyi Is 2 Years In Steemit Today!

Hello dear friends and dear community, it is my pleasure to take part in this week's engagement contest and to use this medium to celebrate my 2 years in steemit. My journey so far has been so wonderful.

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉 to me!


I will like to narrate in brief, my journey so far.

What are the doubts you have (can be personal or related to Steemit)

My Beginning Was Filled Doubts

I started here on July 25th, 2020 when I approached @focusnow for him to join an online business that I told him about. He listened with keen interest and told me why I should also try steemit.

Well, I decided to join and with all the fears that I would not be able to write ✍️, I still went ahead to create my account and to publish my first post with his guidance. You will begin to imagine how my first post will look like. Please here below is my introduction post and my verification image

Achievement 1: This is my introduction post to Steemit

I started with the diarygame season 2 when it was a challenge, more or less like what we have today as the engagement challenge but this has to do with posting the diarygame everyday if you are to win. It scared me a lot because I felt uneasy sharing my personal life. But I was encouraged by my mentor to try to meet up with the challenge. I shared my diary games with much love while still learning how to post.

It was a rough start but I must confess, it made me what I am today. I succeeded because of a mind set which I am going to share with you all because I believe it will help someone somewhere to keep active.

<What can you do to overcome these doubts

My mindset

I believe in learning. I believe in challenges and I believe in doing things with passion. I started by telling myself that I m not going to look at the earnings even though it was part of the attraction. I still told myself that I was back to school. It's time to learn.

I decided not to make any cashouts or better still, not to even look at my wallet. I was not interested in any upvotes, I was not interested in my mistakes. I focused on doing whatever it will take me to succeed. With time, I began to learn and to gain grounds .

I didn't touch my earnings until January, 2021 when I decided that I was going to cash out and at least be able to tell others that it was real.

With the mindset I had, it made me not to be discharged and here I am. I am now the person encouraging others.

Building My Steempower

Another thing that helped me was constantly powering up my earnings. Within the said period, I was able to gather some good steempowers and then delegated to steemfoods community and steemwomens club community.

When I learned about the importance of building steempower as one which can help me earn curation rewards and that can help me support other users, I knew it was time to build my steempower and to power up Consistently. Today, I am glad to look at my wallet and to see how it has grown. I have become a dolphin severally and the next target is Oscar. To get to that, I only need about 3000 steem because I currently have achieved 47000 steempower. It is not easy to come by but I am pushing it. It will come and it must come someday but am not certain because to a large extent, it doesn't depend on me. I must on the other hand give efforts that will be blessed.

What makes you love yourself

My Achievements

I started climbing the ladder of success when I was became African representative for both steemfoods community and steemwomens club community. Then closely following was my appointment as a country representative for Nigeria. I didn't even realize how far I had gone but I was seriously enjoying my journey. I believe in assisting others and I believe in setting the example for others to follow.

I later created a community known as steemkids and still feeling unqualified, I kept pushing and pushing until today. And trust me, there is no end to learning because I am still learning.

I am part of Steem4Nigeria community, I am a greeter in newcommers community and I am still the founder and admin of steemkids community.

I believe in dedication to duty, I believe in hardwork, I believe in setting the pace, I believe in being humble and I believe in asking for help, for guidience, for directions, for assistance, for learning because I too like to help others with them.

I also believe in loyalty. I believe that no one owes me anything but I owe everyone everything and for this, I have kept going.

I believe that whatever you want others to do for you, you too should be ready to do it for others. In fact, this is a golden rule and I try to see others as I see myself.

I believe in making friends no matter where you are from. I also believe in helping all. In fact, I love myself to the moon and back.

But I also believe in one thing which is the most important to me

The Holy Book said this at Mathew 22:37

...“‘You must love Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul and with your whole mind""

Yes, this comes first to me and this means putting the doing of the will of God first before mine.

That apart, the following statement was closely following that first statement which is also found in the same passage at Mathew 22:39

The second, like it, is this: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself.’

Take note that you must love your neighbor as you love yourself. Yes, this means that I will have to love myself before loving my neighbor. If I hate myself, then it will be possible to hate my neighbor. But no, I love myself and this means that I will do only what is good for myself and not bad. I will always wish something good to myself and not bad and this way, I will give the same love to my neighbor.

What must you do to prioritize your happiness and well-being

My happiness largely depends on giving. Giving of myself to serve others

Working hard to make publications

Making time for the worship of God

Trying my best to assist my family as a mother and wife.

Being in good terms with everyone as much as possible

Making new friends

Time is money and as such, using my time wisely on things that are worthwhile

Making time for rest and pleasure


Thanks to you all for reading through. Trust you are happy with me on this special day. I wish you all success. I invite @eliany @patjewell and @kiwiscanfly to take part in this challenge


This is my introductory post here


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➜You have written about the doubts you have.
➜You have written how to overcome these doubts.
➜You have written about what makes you love yourself.
➜You have written what you must do to prioritize your happiness and well-being.
Congratulations with your two year Steemit celebration! You have clearly proven that you have no doubts in Steemit. Great post!
 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot for the review. I appreciate. Thanks for the best wishes

 2 years ago 

A very big congratulations to you and happy 2 years Anniversary here on Steemit. Indeed @focusnow did so well by inviting you to steemit and I am glad that you didn't yes no.

Indeed for anyone to grow very well on this platform such a person need to have a good mindset towards what he/she tend to achieve.

So many newbies today are very eager to achieve out their little earning because there is no focus nor mindset. Once more congratulations to you and I most say you are 2 months older than me in Steemit.

Best of luck and more wings to you.

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Wow... Congratulations! You have been active and consistent. You deserve to be celebrated. You are such a rugged woman. Your impact is greatly felt...

Congratulations once again.


 2 years ago 

Happy two years anniversary Mme
Your achievements speak for themselves honestly
I'll take your tips on how you managed your doubts seriously. Could help me build myself up more

 2 years ago 

First of all congrats on reaching your second year on Steemit, it's such a mile stone and im glad you could make it that far and not to mention all the achievements you got in such short time.
I am inspired by your post and I'll like to say a big

Thanks For Sharing
 2 years ago 

Saludos @ngoenyi

Felicitaciones por su segundo Aniversario Steemit, un gran recorrido, sabías decisiones la que tomo al inicio y eso la llevo a tener gran éxito y todos los que faltan por llegar.

 2 years ago 

Some good place to draw inspirations from. Keepup the selflove

 2 years ago 

Well, I am familiar with all I have read here 😁, but I wonder how you do it, like activities in 4-5 communities actively, I tot it was impossible until I made 4 posts in one day, and then I realized a lot, there is no limitation to what humans can do so far we put our mind towards it and that is why you have done and now you are two years on Steemit with great achievement
Happy anniversary on your 2 years on stemit🎈🎈🎈

 2 years ago 

In life, whatever we set our heart on, it is possible to achieve. Only more efforts are needed and determination.

Wow, am glad to hear that you made 4 posts in a day. This is massive. I admire your energy. Thanks for your wonderful comment

 2 years ago 

Yeah I did, only them did I believe it's possibility,
Thanks for the support and reply

 2 years ago 

A very big congratulations to you and happy 2 years Anniversary here on Steemit. Indeed @focusnow did so well by inviting you to steemit and I am glad that you didn't yes no.

Indeed for anyone to grow very well on this platform such a person need to have a good mindset towards what he/she tend to achieve.

So many newbies today are very eager to achieve out their little earning because there is no focus nor mindset. Once more congratulations to you and I most say you are 2 months older than me in Steemit.

Best of luck and more wings to you.

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot dear. You have really got the point. The right mindset is what will keep us all going. Wow, am glad to know that you too will soon be 2 years. Congratulations in advance. I appreciate your comment. We just have to keep educating the newbies to the extent possible

 2 years ago 

You're welcome and thanks for your wishes.

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