Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: I love myself to the moon and back by @mohammadfaisal

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Greetings my dear steemian fellows and especially the part of the Steem For Betterlife Community. First of all I want to thank the team of the steemit for the steemit engagement challenge and then for the contest to the whole team of Steem For Betterlife.

So dear fellows i have joined this wonderful contest in which we have to talk about our doubts, and how can we overcome them? If you want to join then:

Join Here: Steemit Engagement Challenge Season3 Week2 | I Love Myself to The Moon and Back


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What are the doubts you have (can be personal or related to Steemit)

We know that self doubts and imperfections are the world wide problems and everyone has fears about his abilities and categories of working. Everyone whatever he or she is doing consider some insecurities in that work. And sometimes we consider that we are unable to do anything and we cannot do anything. And similarly we start comparing ourselves with others that they are doing more than us. And then we fall prey to the depression and stress. And we remain sad all the time which affects our health as well as makes us lazy.

My Personal Doubts


So being human I also have a lot of doubts and insecurities which suppress and depress me all the time. I am very conscious about my future. My biggest doubt is of my bright future, my successful future. I often think that will i able to achieve my future goals and my wishes. I am a student of Software Engineering and currently I am in the second semester of my bachelor degree. Being a software engineering student I want to become an influence software engineer of society. And I am desperate to become a web developer as well as an android developer. With these developments I want to become a graphic designer a UI and UX researcher and designer. But I have a lot of doubts about whether I will be able to do it. If I will become the best developer. I am hoping to launch and create a unique thing which will become my identity even after my presence in this world. But I have fear and doubt if I will be able to perform such a unique and amazing thing.

I am part of a sweetest family but my family is financially weak. But I have big dreams to fulfill. I want to run my own a large business in which people will work and I will pay them. I want to run and launch different factories where people will work and they will earn their livelihood. And it is my desperate wish to become owner of the biggest business and to earn piously. And then I will be able to support myself, my family and my relatives as well. But here again I have a fear and doubt about how I will be able to have such business and when it will happen. But I have hope that one day I will do it.

I am very doubtful about my future, because I am always thinking about what will happen to me in the future. Will I be able to support my family and others? But aside from these doubts I also have firm beliefs to perform wonderfully in the future.

My Steemit Doubts

Now let's talk about my doubts which I am having regarding steemit. Steemit is one of the best decentralised social media platforms which rewards us for our engagement and activities. And before going through the doubts I want to mention steemit has changed my life completely, it has supported me financially, mentally and in each field, if I say that I am doing my study is because of support from the steemit then it will not be wrong I love you Steemit and all the steemit team.. I don't know if you guys will believe it or not but I am saying it honestly and with my whole emotions that steemit support is my secret to study.

I want to say clearly that personally I don't have any doubt about the steemit platform but I believe in the great team behind the steem project. These are my own insecurities and doubts for working in the steemit platform.

Most of the time I am thinking that I am not providing quality as compared to others but when I publish my content then I understand after comparing it with others that my content is far better than others.

I want to serve the whole steemit platform after becoming a developer and want to bring new tools which will help the whole steemit community but I am in doubt whether I will be able to do it. And sometimes I am thinking to serve the platform by representing my country as a country representative, and want to become part of the curation team but I am in doubt that I will not be able to do it. So these are a few doubts of mine regarding steemit.

Why Doubts

I have these doubts to keep me alert all the time that I have to achieve a lot so I should not become lazy. These doubts always encourage me to perform wonderfully and to work hard consistently. These doubts are good for me because they make me more powerful and boost my energy to conquer the world. If you don't have any doubt then you can't do anything, because the doubts put us in fear and we do everything carefully and with full concentration and whenever we do things carefully and with full concentration then we become successful. Similarly if I take the example of steemit doubts, these make me write good content because if I don't have doubt then I can't become part of the challenges and can't compete with others.

My Strategies and Plans To Overcome My Doubts


As there are always solutions for every problem, and for this I have made my own strategies which make me able to overcome these doubts. I keep myself busy all the time so that I don't realise my doubts. I always keep working all day to overcome my doubts. And my hard work always keep me away thinking about my doubts.

My doubts are because of my past mistakes, because when I consider them then the doubts become more powerful. So I don't think about my past mistakes which put me in doubts.

And the most helping this to overcome my doubts is that I don't consider my previous weaknesses as well as current weaknesses. I just ignore weaknesses and think about upcoming things and about my future.

My past achievements are another part of my power to overcome and forget the doubts for the incoming days. If something tease me and irritate me and put me in doubt then I only consider and remember my last achievements which encourage me and give me the will power to humiliate my doubts.

In order to overcome my doubts I don't compare myself with others and I just think about myself and my way and my success and my hard works. Because when we compare ourselves with others then we are disappointed and we fall prey of doubts. So I don't do it and just do my way.

The most wonderful thing which helps me forgetting and overcoming my doubts is that I spend my time with the supportive and cooperative people who do not discourage but encourage to do meaningful things. Because if we are spending our time with the cooperative and supportive people then negativity is removed from our minds and we just think positive all the time which leads us to success by overwhelming our doubts.

Another important thing which I often do that is sharing is caring I share my doubts with my love ones who understands me and guide me and guidance play important role in overcoming my doubts and in this way my love ones play important role to clear my doubts. So always share your doubts dear fellows with your closest person because if you don't do then you can't compete with others.

I want to quote my example of sharing is caring to overcome my doubt. So I wanted to study but I was not finding any way of earning through which I will support myself. And discussed it with my love and she guided me and asked me to start and the Creator will help me. So I started and cleared my doubt and after that I got scholarship and now I am studying free of cost. So if I didn't discuss it then I was unable to study. So we should always discuss our doubts, fears and insecurities with our loved ones.

So these are my ways to overcome my doubts.

What Makes You Love Yourself?


Loving yourself is the most important as well as hardest thing and we often ignore ourselves and care about others. But it is not a good thing. I try my best to care and love myself. Seriously I love myself a lot.

The greatest thing which makes me love myself is my ego, it is my bad habit to be egoistic but I love myself in this way.

Whenever I want to do anything then I become determined and tried my best to achieve that thing by working hard day and night. And finally I get and achieve my goal through the determination and this thing makes me love myself a lot and makes me feel proud.

And then I invest my time in understanding myself and in knowing about my abilities and success in this age. And these things make me happy and automatically put myself to love myself. Because I consider that if I will care myself then I will be able to achieve and score more.

I try to keep some boundaries from others, because of getting value and respect. And due to these boundaries when they give me respect, preference and love then it out me to know myself and to know my importance which automatically put me to care myself and to love myself. Because after knowing your value you start loving yourself. And I also do the same.

I want to tell you a funny thing 😂 that mostly I don't compare myself but I start comparing myself whenever I am achieving and winning, 🤣 this thing encourages me to feel myself better than others and feel myself unique. It also put me to love myself. So compare yourself when you are leading otherwise not.

I consider myself very important to my family and for other loved ones. And this thing also compells me to care myself and to love myself. You can say that I love myself to the moon and the back just like a special person in my life, who is also a reason which puts me to love myself.

So these are the reasons due to which I love myself and care about me.

What must you do to prioritize your happiness and well-being


As you know that everyone want to become happy and to get happiness one do a lot of things, works hard to achieve his goals which are the reasons of happiness for him. And everyone prioritize happiness of himself. No one care about the happinesses of others before their own.

And just the universal rule I also want to live happy and want to spend my each second with happiness, calm, comfort and peace. So in order to fulfill my requirements and to bring happiness I have to work hard. So I will work for my family and for me so that I can get happiness. Because when my family is happy then I am obviously happy.

And I have a good way to keep myself happy and prioritizey happiness, I will simply make the list of those things which make me happy and put a smile at my face. And I will do them on a daily basis to be happy and to feel the love and happiness of life.

And knowing yourself is the best way to make yourself happy than others. Because when we completely knows about ourselves then we can decide which things can make us happy and how can we prioritize our happiness and well-being, so I will also do the same and I will avail a special time for myself in which I will think about myself and will feel my abilities and it will surely make me happy.

Sometimes we get bored from the daily routines and our happiness and well-being is ignored but I'll ignore my work sometimes to attain my happiness and well-being. Because if I am happy then I can do everything happily and with great energy and actively. But if insk not happy then I will not be able to do something great other than a little.

To prioritize my happiness and well-being I'll send time in some funny things, with some funny children and with my family and friends who always encourage me and praise me.

So in this way I will prioritize my happiness and well-being


We should not underestimate ourselves but we should always think positive to clear our doubts. We should not let down ourselves in our own eyes but should become strong in our own eyes so that we can prove ourselves in others eyes and opinions.

We should always try to keep ourselves happy and we should not think about our past failures so that we can overcome our doubts and can live a happy life without any fear and insecurities about future.

We should always love ourselves and should prior ourselves than others because we are more important for ourselves so we should give preference to our happiness and we should love ourselves so that can make our value more and can get attention of others.

Yours: @mohammadfaisal

All the pictures are mine and made by my mobile phone Redmi Note 10 otherwise are stated.

I am inviting @afzalqamar, @akmalshakir, @yousafharoonkhan and @amirhayat to participate in this wonderful contest.

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➜ You have written about the doubts you have.
➜ You have written how to overcome these doubts.
➜ You have written about makes you love yourself.
➜ You have written how what must you do to prioritize your happiness and well-being.
It so true that we must never underestimate ourselves. Great post!
Kindly take note that this post was made before the start of the new engagement week.
 2 months ago 

Thank you mam for checking and reviewing my post in the engagement league.

Mam I am a verified user as you can see here

Can you please check it....and sorry for the inconvenience.

I saw the contest post and I was very excited to publish.

 2 months ago (edited)

No inconvenience my friend! Thank you for sending the information.
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Thank you so much dear fellow for updating my status 😊.

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The pleasure is all mine!

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Am new here from pakistan.bhai upvote kr dy shukria

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 2 months ago 

It was a long publication but it was worth reading, I loved how you table all of the items in one table, I have doubt too, In short I just triggered some doubts months ago, and my doubt has been a setback to me losing different opportunities by not anymore because now I am a new person, I doubt again but this time I put my actions do my doubt which has been successful over the months,

Thanks for sharing
Greetings and blessings

 2 months ago 

Thank you dear fellow for having a look yes o know it was a long publication as I try to explain each thing all the time. It gives me satisfaction and when I am satisfied I think that my reader will also be satisfied.

 2 months ago 

And then you have achieved that because we readers are satisfied on your post

 2 months ago 

Go bro
Your strategy will work for you

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much dear fellow for stopping by here and giving your feedback.

 2 months ago 

doubts exist for everyone, but if we believe that "who is really serious will definitely get it" this is a law of nature, the most important thing is to tell yourself that you If you can, then God will surely help you. believe me you can do it.

 2 months ago 

Thank you @prilly fir stopping by here and you are right I agree with you that we should just tell ourselves that we can do it.

 2 months ago 

Do your best dear, success awaits you.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for the best wishes and compliments.

 2 months ago 

Muy buena tu entrada suerte en el concurso.

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much dear fellow for having a look and wishing me best of luck. Have a good day.

 2 months ago 

Igualmente para mi fue un placer leerte.

The perspective you have of yourself is a very good friend... Any doubts you may have, I know that if you work and make an effort, you will achieve your dreams...

That you compare yourself when leading, maybe it's good, maybe it's bad, but if it works for you then it's fine. 😁 Greetings and success!!!!

 2 months ago 

Thank you dear fellow for having a look and for leaving your review. Yeah you are right if I dream, I work and then I achieve. Good evening 🌄

 2 months ago 

Excellent post my friend you have the primary basis of self esteem love yourself. Blessings.

 2 months ago 

Thank you dear fellow for stopping by here and leaving your feedback. Yes self esteem is the most important thing which we have and have a nice day and a s great start of the week.

 2 months ago 

Greetings @mohammadfaisal, a pleasure to read a content with such a high level, certainly we are full of many doubts and fears. In whatever we do we always have some doubts, fears and insecurities but that's normal, what we can not let is that we tranquen us, but work them to achieve the purposes. Excellent content. A thousand blessings.

 2 months ago 

Thank you dear fellow for having a look and stopping by here and appreciating my content. You are right everyone has fears and doubts but it is the point that we have to work hard to achieve our goals.

 2 months ago 

It is true that sometimes we have to forget about the external world, to prioritize our well-being, our happiness!!! Excellent post... Greetings and blessings!!!

 2 months ago 

Yeah you are right we have to forget the others for our prosperity and well-being. Good evening 🌄

 2 months ago 

Well written blog 👍👍
Complete in all aspects.
You shared owesome about "How you over come your doubts "
Wish you success in future and for contest ☺️☺️

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much dear fellow 😊

 2 months ago 

What a thoughtful way to make yourself happy, i never ever thought of making a list of things that makes me happy. And working hard too is a great means of making one's self happy, to know that you work for what you have accomplished.

Positive thinking clears all nigglings.
Good luck in this challenge @mohammadfaisal

 2 months ago 

Thank you so much dear fellow for stopping by here and for your feedback.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome, i hope you can visit my publications too friend

 2 months ago 

I will visit dear fellow soon.

 2 months ago 

You face many things in life, I believe you are a great person, and you really know how to love yourself,
Good luck friend..

 2 months ago 

Yeah you are right I agree with you and thanks for stopping by here.

 2 months ago 

You are welcome...

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