WSP - Financial Realization Report for Food Parcel Donation in North Aceh

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World Smile Project International, which is a World Charity Project, has succeeded in realizing the activity "Donation of Basic Food Packages in North Aceh" distributed as of date 2nd of April to 9th April 2024.

This program was successfully implemented thanks to the support of donations from all parties, either in the form of cash handed over directly to the person in charge of the WSP or previous financial Cash On Hand which came from TRX. The cash donations in question came from Steemian such as @irawandedy, @el-nailul, @heriadi and @hoesaid. (The amount will be displayed in the table list)

The targets/beneficiaries of this program are in accordance with WSP Management's internal deliberations, namely focusing on orphans with economyic limitations, we distribute it to several sub-districts in the North Aceh district.

Data on aid distribution can be read in the publication el-nailul with Topic WSP International: Update #2 on Food Parcel Donation in Nort Aceh.

In this financial realization report, we will show in detail the use of funds without Operational Costs because operational costs are fully borne through the personal finances of @heriadi and @el-nailul. Besides that, Our aim is to provide a clear picture of how donated funds are used and the impact that has been achieved in realizing this annual Charity activity.

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 01.03.35.png

The following is proof of expenditure/invoice for Food Parcel Donation in North Aceh

IMG_00001.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2024-04-14 at 01.04.47.jpegWhatsApp Image 2024-03-30 at 22.45.15.jpeg
Shopping Invoice IDR. 3.474.000
Rice Purchase Expenditures IDR. 2.000.000

Apart from the two expenses above, we also provide cash IDR each. 50,000 to beneficiaries, with a total of 32 poor families, total expenditure in cash amounting to IDR. 1,600,000.

Total expenditure for Food Parcel Donation in North Aceh from the 3 items above is IDR. 7,074,000.

The expenditure mentioned above was obtained from several sources, both in the form of cash donations, donations in the form of steem and cash from the World Smile Project International. The following is a description of the income obtained for this activity.

1. Cash IncomeDonatorIDR
2. Non-Cash IncomeDonatorSteem

After converting into IDR, the income obtained from wakeupkitty is IDR 212,000

3. Cash WSP6.512.000

The total income obtained from donations is IDR.562,000 and the use of WSP Cash is IDR. 6,512,000 (Summary: IDR 7,074,000)

Thank you for the contribution of all parties, both as donors, organizers and volunteers who have actively participated in making this activity a success. @pennsif, @wakeupkitty, @el-nailul @heriadi, and the Steemit team who make this initiative work well.

Indonesia, April 12, 2024

World Smile Project Manager


Great post/overview. Let's hope more people will join to make it a Steemit aid and not one of mainly 4 hard working people.

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 2 months ago 

I hope after it materializes to become Steemit aid, it will cut across all nations of the world where Steemians are found, so we can be a part of the distribution as we wear a customised polo to storm hospitals to settle the bills of the less privilege, and village to provide food for those in need. We can as well provide basic amenities like opening of pipe borne water and ensuring that it supplies people with water on weekly basis. All this will come with an inscription of steemit and its logo and with this I'm looking at steemit going far, If this is done I think it will draw more investors, contributors and writers from our countries and across the world.

@worldsmile is not only meant for certain projects. Why don't you write down something, start your own and ask for budget? Keep it small so you can keep an eye on it and no Steem is wasted on a top but invested in those who need it.

@el-nailul @weisser-rabe

As @wakeupkitty says it has to be started by a personal effort to prove that the program is worth support, just like when I personally started the World Smile Project at the very beginning. World Smile has done many projects across the globe where the steemians can take charge to support and administrate the program properly

 2 months ago 

I can't start project like this if I don't learn from people like you, world smile is a big project, what I was saying in quotes is that if become Steemit Aid just like Wakeupkitty said it will have administrative blocks in different countries where charitable acts could be showcased and we a part of the distribution. With my reputation of the platform i think if i should initiate this it shouldn't be now but i stand to support worldsmile

Congratulations on the successful implementation of the "Donation of Basic Food Packages in North Aceh" program. It is wonderful to see such collaboration and support from donors. Thank you to everyone involved in making this initiative a success.

 2 months ago 

Great job, World Smile Project International! It's wonderful to see the success of the "Donation of Basic Food Packages in North Aceh" activity. The support and donations from all parties, including the generous contributions from Steemians like @irawandedy, @el-nailul, @heriadi, and @hoesaid, have made this possible. It's heartwarming to know that the program focused on helping orphans with economic limitations in several sub-districts in North Aceh. The detailed financial report shows transparency and accountability in the use of funds, with operational costs fully covered by @heriadi and @el-nailul. The impact of this annual charity activity is truly commendable. Thank you to all the donors, organizers, and volunteers, including @pennsif, @wakeupkitty, @el-nailul, @heriadi, and the Steemit team, for their contributions and dedication to making a positive difference. Keep up the fantastic work!

 2 months ago 

Pelaporan yang akurat, konkrit , dan trasparant.

 2 months ago 

Thanks for doing an amazing work of charity over there, nice to see you people actively involved in touching lives.. It's a good thing to make a positive impact on the lives of others, that's how humanity supposed to be, lifting others out of hunger, poverty and fear, and all of portray that..May the good Lord you all for your good deeds

 2 months ago 

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It is impressive to see the detailed breakdown of expenses and donations for the World Smile Project Internationals food parcel donation in North Aceh. It is heartening to know that the program was successful thanks to the support from various donors and the efforts of those involved in managing operational costs.

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