WSP International: Update on Food Parcel Donation in Nort Aceh

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Buying rice with @heriadi in the early morning

Thank you very much to all parties who helped the WSP International Project and it is our obligation to present you with the update and public report to ensure transparency of the project.

As I have posted before the World Smile International Project is preparing to launch the Food Donation Program in North Aceh, hence, today I would like to highlight a few updates on the progress:

The total packages that have been packed are 32 as there are 2 additional packages from the original plan of 30, these additional packages are the donations of the steemians as per below report:

Donation Report:

@wakeupkitty40 steem212,000

Final Item in the packages

Rice5 kg60,00011.3 steem
Sugar2 kgTBCTBC steem
Lemonade Syrup2 botlesTBCTBC steem
Cooking Oil1 kgTBCTBC steem
Green Beans1/212,5002.3 steem
Cash Money1 Ls50,0009.4 steem
Total---TBCTBC steem

*) TBC= To be confirmed

Since the donation from other steemians is enough to add extra items, we decided to add green beans in the packages and it is good for those kid's health and nutrition support as well.

Image source, courtesy of @muzack1

Distribution Strategy

The distribution method we use is by gathering active steemians and requesting their support to select 3-5 beneficiaries in their area and the WSP team distributes them directly door to door with those steemians.

Today 2nd April 2024, the team distributed 11 packages out of 32 to:

Glumpang Sulu Village, Dewantara, North Aceh2 packs@radjasalman
Ulee Madon Village, Muara Batu, North Aceh3 packs@arispranata5
Bluka Tuebai Village, Dewantara, North Aceh3 packs@muzack1
Nisam, North Aceh3 packs@nadilchairi

Thank you very much for your support my dear friends

Heriadi and I distributed those packages on 2nd April and we spent about 4 hours completing them, it was a bit difficult because during Ramadhan the activity needed to be stopped from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. We will continue the distribution on 3rd April and 4th April and the final report will be presented once the distribution is completed.

Thank you for reading and supporting the report

Best Regards




 14 days ago 

Great job on providing an update and public report for the WSP International Project! It's wonderful to see the progress being made with the Food Donation Program in North Aceh. The additional packages and donations from generous Steemians are truly commendable. The decision to include green beans for the kids' health and nutrition support is fantastic. The distribution strategy involving active steemians and direct door-to-door delivery is a thoughtful approach. Kudos to the team for their dedication and hard work in distributing the packages. Looking forward to the final report and continued success of the project. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming update!

Hi @shuly, nice to see you and the progress of your journey on the platform, wish you all the best

 10 days ago 

Thank you so much.

Impressive progress! Keep up the great work and best wishes for the remaining distributions.

hi @abb-e-hayyat, thank you for your best wishes and support the activity, I wish you all the best too

What happened to the earlier donated 10 Steem by me mentioned by you in the report you publiced before this one?

It's good to read those in need are known and visited in person.

As long as the packages are delivered it shouldn't be a problem to receive it 1-3 days later.

Thank you for making the world smile, good luck.

P.s. Is this the trip you mentioned?

Comment - busy bee.jpg

Opss, yes you are right I forgot to add the previous one, so a total of 40 steems. Can you post about your donation and why you support WSP?, you can make your post in Steem For Batter Life Community @wakeupkitty.

P.s. Is this the trip you mentioned?

No, the trip I mentioned to you before is purely an expedition trip

This is one of the pictures of the expedition:


These expeditions aim to investigate biodiversity along the track to the top of the mountain. This is the first ascend after triangulation pillars made by a mapping team sent by the queen of the Dutch kingdom, during the Dutch colonial era from 1800 to 1840

 14 days ago 

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Thank you brother @irawandedy

 14 days ago 

I also pray that the curators will always be healthy, so that they can run the food program in Aceh smoothly. Best regards @ferdinan

Thank you @ferdinan, I wish you health as well and success in your life as well. Thank you for stopping by my post

 11 days ago 

You're welcome @el-nailul

 13 days ago 

Happy to see you brother! I was so happy and amaze how you really work to help you fellow country men..

You are always inspired me stay in good health always.

Hello there @bien, thank you for your kind words and supporting me in many ways


 11 days ago 

It's my please sir.. keep up the good work

 13 days ago 

This is a very nice move to care for the less privileged during the Ramadan season. Charity is a good display of love and care for humanity, it's always good to share our resources with others in order to encourage them and to make them feel loved. MAY God bless the team members and the stakeholders who contributed towards humanity,may they never lack and their rewards should be in hundred folds.. Weldone @heriadi for making such historical display of love and care. Blessing and Grace

Thank you very much for stopping by my post, I appreciate your comment and support of my post @realitytrend.

Wish you all the best

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Thank you @pennsif for your support and encouraging news about this

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