Support #club5050 Contest - Edition 1

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As a form of support for the Steemitblog initiation in the PowerUp campaign, I represent the Steem For Betterlife Community to invite all Steem For Betterlife members to participate in the program.

The contest orientations that I initiated include:

  1. Increase Account Strength
  2. Cultivate Power Up as an activity that needs to be preserved.
  3. Maintaining the STEEM Ecosystem

The rules for participating in this program:

  1. Become a Member Steem For Betterlife Community
  2. Regular Power Ups every day in unlimited quantities
  3. Power Up postings can be done by participating in the Steem Investing and PowerUp Contest program, or making free posts.
  4. Share 10% of every Power Up post to the account
  5. using the hashtag #supportclub5050 in the 2nd position of the hashtag you use.
  6. PowerUp activity starts from 19 to 25 October 2021
  7. Have a reputation under 60
Prizes For Winners

We will announce the winner of the contest every week, by assessing the percentage of Power Ups made with reference to the curation earned during 1 week.

The prizes are @booming support in the last post and get a Delegation of 100 SP each to 3 winners. and delegates can increase if supported by multiple sponsors.

Delegates will be obtained for 3 weeks from the announcement. The current sponsors are @el-nailul, @heriadi, @irawandedy @klen.civil, @sofian88 and @liasteem. We will open other sponsors if they support this program.

I am waiting for your contribution, because this contest is to encourage the Growth and population of PowerUp on the steemit platform.

cc : @stephenkendal @pennsif @disconnect

 3 months ago 

Bang @irwandedy

Saya baru tadi malam power up (18 okt), apa bs ikut kontes ini?

 3 months ago 

Saya ikut berpastisipasi dalam kontes yang luar biasa ini, bagaimana cara ikut sertai dalam kontes ini.

 3 months ago 

Assalamualaikum Bang @irawandedy
Saya sudah menyelesaikan Achievement 3 saya dan sudah Terverifikasi R3 tapi tidak mendapatkan kurasi

Berikut saya kirimkan tantan Achievement 3 milik saya :

 3 months ago 

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy mohon maaf mengganggu waktunya,saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievement 6,mohon di koreksi jika ada yang salah,berikut link tautan milik saya :

Terimakasih banyak bang...


[WhereIn Android] (

Assalamualaikum bang @irawandedy, saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas Achievement 5. Jika ada kesalahan atau kekurangan mohon sudi kiranya untuk dikoreksi bang. Berikut tautan Achievement 5 milik saya

Mohon maaf sebelumnya bang jika mengganggu waktunya . Terimakasih banyak bang @irawandedy.

 3 months ago 

Good initiative, we are ready to support the #club5050 Contest, and immediately delegate the prize after getting the announcement of the contest winner.


Assalamulaikum bang @defriapriansyah mohon maaf telah menganggu waktu. Saya sudah menyelesaikan tugas achievment 3, mohon di koreksi Jika ada salah kata ataupun kalimat yang tidak nyaman mohon di koreksi bang, Berikut adalah tautan Achievment 3 milik saya :

Achievement 3 by @defriapriansyah Task : Kode Etik Konten

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 19th October 2021 – Win 3350+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

 3 months ago 

Good morning thank you for this wonderful innovation
Could you better explain the criteas on how I my self can participate

 3 months ago 



 3 months ago 


 3 months ago 

Semoga kedepannya saya dapat berpartisipasi dalam kontes ini luar biasa


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