World Smile Project has grown up and developed its project into various countries other than Indonesia where the World Smile was firstly initiated and established. Since it has been implemented in various parts of the world it is necessary to have a better management system to control and manage the project implementation.

The World Smile Project core team set up the meeting on 15th February to discuss and underline a few important issues regarding the continuation of the program in all areas. The plan of expanding the program into Pakistan and Nigeria has also been prepared and ready to implement, hence I would like to announce that the official account has been dedicated to supporting 3 project sites.

In the meeting, the team has discussed continuing support for the implementation program in Venezuela, Philippines and two new countries of implementation which are Pakistan and Nigeria.


Here is the minute meeting on February 15, 2022:


  1. The next program in Indonesia is Organic Sustainable food and environment program that aimed to support boarding school or regular non government education institution by providing vegetable farming and garbage bin. Other that that the World Smile Project will continue support to the free education center in Nort Aceh that run by @steemitcountry. Most probably the support will be addressed to the specific education support account instead of his personal account to manage transparency and accountability.

  2. Extanding program into Pakistan and Nigeria; Both countries have been establish dedicated account specifically for charity. In Pakistan @huzaifananaveed1 and his team will take in charge to manage the @smilepakistan to run first World Smile Project to support an orphanage with 2 geysers, the approximate budget is about 39-40 SBD. World Smile Project will support the fund.

  3. Extanding program into Nigeria; The program that has been initiated by @ubongudofot to distribute stationaries and school kits to those vulnerable student in his hometown. It is part of the master plan of the World Smile Project that concern to the education sectors. The budget for the project is still under discussion and developed.

  4. Continuing support to Venezuela; The World Smile Project in Venezuela need to be reconcile and re-arrange but @mariana4ve is not in a good health condition recently, so I will need to support their planning and implementation the program as well. The project management team will communicated with the Venezuelan World Smile team.

  5. The next program for Philippine is under developed and discussed accordingly between Indonesian team and @bien as the World Smile Project Philippines Team.

We are not going to stop what we have started, maintaining the continuation of the program as maximum as possible while looking for the possibility of extending the project into various countries.

Meanwhile as it reported to me by the Indonesian team, tha construction of the public latrine and water sanitation system in North Aceh has been finalize, as the picture below:




20220213_151035-01 (1).jpeg


Detailed report will be provided by @irawandedy, @miftahuddin and World Smile Project Indonesian Team

We are really trying to create smile all over the world as our Global Goals; Steem For Better Life by Creating the Smile in the world, hence our name is World Smile Project.

If you see what we are doing is good for humanity and want to support us, please share your reward to the @worldsmile account as the international official World Smile Project Account.

Million of thanks to all of you who have supported our project implementation especially to the steemit team who has support us endlessly.

Best Regards



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Holiss... Grandes avances, felicitaciones

This is a manual curation from the @tipU Curation Project.

 last year 

Thank you very much sir @el-nailul for the well detailed reports of the agenda, and your good governing spirit, no doubt Nigeria would really enjoy this benefits. And i must commend @worldsmile project team for seeing the need to expand this charity deeds to other parts of the world.

We are grateful for the giving spirit, the fairness and the love.

I have always been an advocate of charity and kindness, i see it lacking in humanity, but if it is maintained...then so many lives would be touched and impacted in a positive way and when that is done, the beneficiaries would want to reciprocate.

We appreciate and we would continue to do more. Forward ever, backward never!!💪

 last year 

Es maravilloso todo lo que hemos crecido en estas semanas que estuve enferma, ya me siento un poco mejor y aunque continuo en tratamiento y no puedo salir mucho de casa (no puedo usar moto) ya estoy retomando mi labor. Y estoy feliz de ver todos estos avances. VAMOS EQUIPO Seguiremos Creciendo y mejorando el Mundo.

 last year 

Te deseo una pronta recuperación amigo.

 last year 

Doing excellent work. It is great to see @worldsmile started working in Pakistan as well, and huzaifanaveed1 is doing a good job. And the great part for me is that I am also able to work with smilepakistan.

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