BETTER LIFE DIARY GAME// 07 November 2021

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Alhamdulillah greetings, fellow steemians.Since I woke up this morning, the sun was really showing me how strong he would be today, but since it happens to be a period of havesting our crops, I found myself in a busy mode working on the farm. Soya beans were among the crops that we planted, and all farmers know this is the right time to haveste our soya beans.
I went to the farm this morning to work on it, and with the help of the almighty Allah, I did a mavulos job of completing the first step of the process of hevesting the mentioned crop.

When I first went in the farm this morning
Men at work
Done with my today's job in the farm
Thanks giving to each and everyone for viewing through my diary game post I am much grateful
Below is my achievement1 link

 2 years ago 

Dear @arimiyawu

Please put the Achievement1 link at the end of your post for the future so that your account is verified in the community, don't forget to support #club5050 by powering up at least 50% of your income.



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