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Hello Steemit Family. My name is Arimiyawu. I am 24 years old. I come from Gushegu, in the northern part of Ghana, in West Africa. I am a statistics student at Ghana's C. K. T University of Technology and Applied Science in Navoru.I like programming and solving mathematical problems and I’m very sociable and always want to meet new people and make friends.I have some knowledge of crypto currency and am still learning more about it because I am aware of its impact on the global economy and intend to direct my financial activities towards it, but I am currently in the process of learning more about crypto currency, particularly the risks involved in it.I've always enjoyed reading books, and the best one I've read so far is "Just Do It" by Richard Branson, which has introduced me to the technological and business worlds.Football is also one of the things I pay more attention to, and it started in childhood when we children in our neighborhood usually played foo

tball in front of our house. My name was Cavani, and another occasion that drew my attention to football was the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. It made me think football was an amazing sport. Aside from reading and football, what I really enjoy doing is programming. Even though I'm still learning it, I developed an interest in programming when a friend introduced me to it in high school, and I've been exploring more of the programming world since then, with the goal of doing amazing things with programming. Therefore, because of the love I have for reading, football and programming, I will be interested in posts related to those things and will also create their related posts. Finally, to conclude my introduction, I will do everything in my power to inspire others to have a positive impact on the world while also living a good life.My heartfelt gratitude goes to my senior @ salamdeen for introducing me to this, as well as @cryptokannon and @njaywan for their guidance.


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Hello dear we are warmly Welcome you in the steemit platform. A good platform for everyone where we share our Photography and ideas.
Plz join my community steemit team said that for gave 400 subscribers and then they gave us booming support. Here is the link.

Hello Bro,

Welcome to the blockchain, I am Nathaniel your country rep and i look forward to seeing you complete your achievement tasks successfully.


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Ok, thank you for the advice
Will do so by the grace

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Hi @arimiyawu

You are welcome to join Newcomers' Community . I am @rizwan12 .

I am ready to help you about all achievement Tasks & I will be wise you try and finish all your achievement posts.

The latest update on Steemit Community, please follow and checkout @steemitblog for contest updates.

Please maintain plagiarism

You can join still other communities with time.

Thank You

#onepercent #bangladesh

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Hello @arimiyawu

Welcome to steemit world.
Nice introduction post but i will recommend you paragraph and space out for easy reading.
Do well to complete the rest of the achievement task and you will just be great.

Let's steem together with consistency.

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Hi, @arimiyawu,

Your post has been supported by @nattybongo from the Steem Greeter Team.


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