The Diary Game (24/04/2022) : Gathering and breaking the fast with cross-community with full intimacy

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During the month of Ramadan there are no activities that I do, only doing activities at home. On Sunday morning (24/04/2022) or before dawn, I woke up my wife to prepare the sahur menu. After eating sahur together, we didn't go back to sleep but waited for dawn only a few more minutes after imsak time.

After performing the morning prayer I went back to bed and continued to rest again. It was almost time for the dhuhur prayer to wake up and get ready to perform the dhuhur prayer. After performing the dhuhur prayer I came out of the room and saw my son playing with his toys. I immediately went to him and tried to play with him.

Asr time has come, I leave my son who is still playing and I also perform the Asr prayer. Just ordered my wife to bathe our hero. Because today we plan to break the fast together with the extended family at my mother's house. After taking my wife and son to my mother's house, I continued my journey to another place.


Location Ghathaf Coffee Premium

Where today I scheduled an iftar event with Stemian who is part of the big family of Atomy Indonesia and several inter-community steemian at Ghathaf Coffee Premium.

Not only gathering and breaking the fast together, but other stemians greet each other, share information and provide motivation to one another. Provide motivation to foster the development and growth of steemit.

Breaking the fast together with the big family of Atomy Indonesia and some inter-community steemians is not something new for us to do this year, but we have done this agenda the previous year or you can see my post last year by clicking here Silaturrahmi and Iftar Together Atomy Indonesia Member .

In addition to strengthening friendship, this activity is a place to promote Steemit. Steemit has provided a lot of tangible evidence to the community, both humanitarian programs including community economic development, assistance for educational places, and assistance for the poor as well as many other activities that have been carried out by different communities in Steemit.


There are many things that can be done in steemit, not only to channel hobbies by writing, but concrete evidence, namely humanitarian programs that are proven to be born from income in Steemit and distributed by several communities to people who can't afford it.

After breaking the fast together and sharing stories, some of my friends said goodbye after the maghrib prayer and I lasted until 10 pm, maybe there were friends who lasted until late at night. I myself said goodbye at 10 o'clock, because I had to put my children and wife at home with my parents.

Around 11 o'clock I arrived home with my wife and children and immediately rested and closed the night with a bedtime prayer reading.

Some photos documenting the event:






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