Steem for Better Life Contest #8: How active are you in steemit this week?


Hi Everyone!

My name is ahsansharif. Greetings to all, hope all is well and enjoy a happy life. I am also good Alhamdulillah. Today I will join this contest organized by @heriadi

Here is the theme of the contest. How Active Are You In Steemit This Week?

Seeing this contest, I also shared with you a detail of this week but, before all, I want to tell you guys I left steemit in 2022 for some personal issue but now I am active again on steemit 1 week ago, so I hope you guys understand me and appreciate my work of this week.

So Let's Move

This week I published a total of 12 posts as I shared below in a screenshot of my account. I try to be active on steemit more and more so that I learn from other's content and enjoy it. Mostly people work so excellently that I read their content and enjoy it a lot. So here is a picture of my posts.


This week I posted 3 engagement challenge posts and published a diary game and also introduced myself to one community and published photography posts. Also, I post about how to buy steem from Binance Exchange and transfer it to steemit, and power up.


As I already mentioned I joined steemit after a long time and was active this week so, currently I do not claim rewards. Hope soon will come a little bit reward. I sure hope to do well in the next week and that rewards come more and more.


This week I powered up a total of 35 steem. In my accounts I do not have steem and Power so I buy steem from Binance Exchange transfer it to my steemit wallet and power up so that my power and effective power are increased. This week I do not earn a single steem so I do not payout just buy steem and power up. Now my steem power is 47. And joined #club5050 status.


As I joined currently in this week it's bad to see you in my CSI but I hope in one month when my power increases I proud to show you my CSI. Sorry for this hope you understand.

In the next week I will participate in the steemit engagement challenge and also participate in different contests like this you organized. And also post my diary as much as possible. I do comment on different publishers so that I appreciate their work and ask any questions if I have any queries. And also engage with them. When my power is done well then also upvote others' posts to appreciate their work. I work harder so that I increase my reputation and also make friends so that we engage to increase the ratio of popularity on our posts.

As I joined steemit in 2021 and also joined newcomers with me and I invite most people on steemit and they work correctly in the same way, I will try my best to invite more people on steemit. So that more people get benefits from here with content and rewards.

I invite @suboohi, @ashkhan, @drhira to participate.
10% Reward to @worldsmile
Here are my all Achievement tasks.
Regards: ahsansharif

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