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RE: UPDATE - Promoters Weekly Report & POWER UP Level System

in Steem-Databaselast year

This is a great development.

We will definitely be looking out for these labels to help guide our curation.

 last year 

Thank you very much, I will also always update the label every week, assisted by promoters and, from now on the promosteem community will provide progress data every week, after a lot of progress we have completed, now we can focus on data management from each user in promosteem.

 last year 

We are really liking the new Power Up labels - helps so much with our curation in the Promo Steem community.

Hopefully other communities will adopt something similar...

Thank you

So far, I have done the power up 3 times, according to what I got .. thank you for supporting us

Thank you... 😍

 last year 

Thank you very much, I'm glad you are satisfied with this innovation. PromoSteem is not perfect yet, we will always look for other innovations as well and continue to evaluate our system to remain a great community.

Important Message: please continue to support, because we also have a program to help other people who want to hold workshop events or meet ups, for steem development, so we really need voting on that account to get stable finances so we can help with other proposals.

 last year (edited)

Greetings to you sir @steemcurator01. I am sorry to bother you. I hope you can see my post sir about my power up and how I promote steemit and how I value Steemit as a steemian you can read it in this link.

Thank you so much, sir. 🙏

 last year 

It is great to power up - but only if you then use that SP to vote for members of you community.

You have only done 33 votes in the last 7 days - so much of your SP is going to waste.

Thank you

 last year 

Thank you so much for your attention sir @steemcurator01,
All right sir, I will be active on voting our members in our community. Sorry for that.

I am powering up and delegating to SecretBeautyCommunity so that i could vote the members!!

 last year (edited)

Good day to you sir @steemcurator01, I hope you will give time to check my post about my latest power up and delegation this week. Our community also plans to have an update of the steem power of our members. Once again I am sorry to bother you. Thank you so much.

 last year 
Hey @juichi! I saw you voting, but I suggest you follow an strategy :D when you vote you spend voting power, as less VP your vote will be divided, the ideal thing is keep the VP above 80% so your support will be more effective.


You can see your current VP here:
 last year (edited)

Thank you friend.🙏

 last year 

Dear. Steemcurator

We are increasing the power up in these 2 months. Hopefully we can get support from you. Even though we know the vote is not guaranteed.


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