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Hello Steem Database friends wherever you are, may God always bless us all.


Accounts are organized by our community team in an effort to promote steemit on an educational basis through video tutorials. In addition, this account will also be active to officially organize contests in the Steem Database community. Contests that focus on promotional and marketing activities.

We hope that this will provide an opportunity for everyone to increase their creativity in promoting Steemit. Meanwhile they produce educational content and generate rewards for their work on the block steem network. We are happy to be back working as best we can this year.

We invite you to join and connect with us exclusively on Steem Database. We are sure that with your collaboration and support, we can achieve success in the Steem block. Let's get started for this inaugural week, a contest that we have prepared for you.

Contest Week #1
Theme :

Invite Inactive Users Back To Steemit


14 - 21 January 2023

Tips and Guides:

Re-invite inactive users to join Steemit. Find some people you know before and encourage them to join and be active again in Steemit. Provide motivation and inspiration that Steemit is open to everyone and bridges us all to achieve success and a better life.

Points In Posts:

You can explain the identity of the user you have invited back to Steemit by mentioning their steemit ID. Describe what method you used to push them to Steemit. Include selfies or other evidence that can support the work you have done. Motivate and encourage more people to join us.

Contest rules :
  • Posts must be at least 300 words long.
  • Posts are not plagiarism.
  • It is mandatory to state the user ID that you have invited
  • Include supporting documentation, both selfies and chat screenshots.
  • Users must at least join #club5050
  • Posts must be in #steemexclusive.
  • Post title: Inactive Users Back To Steemit | following your title...
  • Use the tag #promo-steem #steemgrowth your country, and club status tag.
  • Restem and leave your post link in this post.
  • Invite or mention 3 of your friends to join this contest.
Prize :

We realize that this is very valuable work. Every eligible participating user will get curated support from Booming. The 3 best posts will receive a 25% beneficiary reward each in the contest winner announcement post.

This contest is organized by our team. We invite everyone to participate in this contest.

Help us to grow, please follow us on:

Steemit promotional video through Youtube that I have published

I also invite you to support the witnesses who focus on community development, they are @bangla.witness @visionaer3003 @pennsif.witness @stmpak.wit. Please review and vote for them as witness !

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Calling support from @stephenkendal

Best Regards,
@ponpase & team



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Interesting contest, hope they can come back soon.


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