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Hello everyone. In this post I'll be telling you about my steemit journey and how I intend on promoting it and what have I done already

I am from a Karachi, Pakistan. A medical student who joined the steemit platform on 6th April 2021 and since then I haven't looked back. I started using this platform continuously. It took me a week for me to understand it. After I got sufficient knowledge I participated in lots of contests. Took part in the STEEMIT CRYPTOACADAMEY and got amazing grades in the assignments as well

So this was a brief introduction to my steemit profile.


Now when I learned how rewarding the steemit community is. I wanted my friends to join it as well. I started telling my friends about it and in a month three of my friends joined the platform.

Below are their profiles


Other than this I have promoted steemit to my friends on whatsapp. Below are the screenshots.



Translating the messages in urdu:

ME: Abdullah have invested in any cryptocurrencies?
PERSON: Yes in Chiliz, holo and ADA.

ME: have you heard about steem? There is also a website of steem where yo can earn by posting.


ME: There is a way of earning money. I have already earned from it. Check out this website. I will tell you the whole process.




There's a social media known as facebook as you will be quite aware of it. I'm an influencer on that website. I own a group of more than 200k people, called University Posting where I convey my messages. I run a charity service as well and you can check that out on the link below.

My work as an influencer

I am planning to run a campaign on my facebook group where I'll be promoting steemit and will be educating them about the benefits of steemit. I will do a live session with all my members and will inform them how I was able to earn on steemit in such a short period of time. My goal is to get atleast 5000 users on steemit by my promotional campaign

Furthermore on a community called sell for steem where we can buy and sell things in exchange of steem. I have been successful on that as well as I have already completed lots of orders on the community in such a short time as well as I have got 2 shops on the platform.

you can check that out here.

My orders completed

So this will be my initiative of PROMOTING steemit on a mass level. I hope I will be successful in it.




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You are doing great.

Will you be powering up some of the 2000 STEEM you have in your wallet as well?

Yes I have a complete goal devised in my head. I intend on powering up.

Wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for you. Thank you for being such a great help through this entire jounrey 💞

Amazing work @huzaifanaveed1. You are actually working good not only on steemit but also on facebook.