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A warm welcome to the whole Steemit family in our community. Now i am going to announce my contest results for all steem members with 10 SP and Booming Prize Pool. It was my third contest at steem database community. And it is related to education and i organized this for my community members. I am very happy to see the interaction of members towards my contest.

Theme : What i Learned On Steemit

Dear Members! We all knows steemit is the best platform for learning and many new things we should learn from that platform and my dear friends i want know to about that's what you learned on steem platform and what is your education on steemit platform. My friends as always there is a no limit to explain but now for this time you have to be more creative ans serious. Now share with us your your learning on steemit platform what you learned on steemit platform. So, let's do it guys i am waiting for your interesting participates and best of luck for that contest.

Rewards of the Contest

The prize pool of this contest is 10 steem power that is following as. And a good entry also have a chance to get booming support.

PlaceSteem power
1st4 SP
2nd4 SP
3rd2 SP

A winners of that contest will get also booming support from us.

Winners of this Contest

There were i have almost 11 entries and all the entries was really good and meet with my contest rules. I am very greatful to all the participants who take part on my contest. Now i will tell you about my winners.

@paholagsPlace 1Link
@anasuleidyPlace 2Link
@ishayachrisPlace 2Link

Here this is the winner of my this contest. Congratulations guys for winning this contest. Thanks for sharing your beautiful posts with us.


Now here your prize is already transferred to your wallet. Thanks for participating.

Steem Database_Line 3.png

**Best Regards,
@disconnect, @stephenkendal
@pennsif **



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 3 months ago 

¡Muchas gracias por la mención amigo!🤗 Disfruté mucho participar en la dinámica y compartir con ustedes mis aprendizajes🥰.

Felicidades a los compañeros que también fueron mencionados👏🏻🥳🎉. Hicieron un excelente trabajo💚

 3 months ago 

Thanks for Participate. Most welcome 🤗


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