Day 23 Update - Steemit Campaign On Facebook 2 ( 37,636 Reach - 1,294 Click - 17 User Response ) 10%

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Steemit Campaign On Facebook 2 - Day 23


Campaign Link

I have started a campaign to promote steem via facebook. This campaign lasts for 30 days only and this is the second campaign, if this is successful then there will be a further campaign with a higher fee to get a bigger reach again.

As we know. making ads on Facebook uses a fee to be able to place ads. The 30-day campaign costs $100. hopefully with this ad we get new users and the PromoSteem community can grow up.

  • This is advertising information that has been created

In this ad I put a link to steemit sign up website, This aims to make it easier for viewers who click on the link to understand directly the post and make them immediately understand about Steemit and also get more response from audience

cover promosi.jpg

Detailed advertising information about the ad location, ad target, target age, and target interest can be seen below :

  • Ad Location: Indonesia: 489, Jalan Pasar 16 Ilir, Palembang (+50 mi) South Sumatra
  • Target Age: 18 - 45
  • Interest Target: Cryptocurrency, Blogger (service), Writing


I also created a google form for new users who registered on steemit because they saw this ad. and will give steem prizes to them so that I can record new users properly. This is the idea I got because of the question asked by steemcurator01


to record new user join on steemit

Proof of Results


Well. This is a report of the campaign this day, there have been many changes and increases in the number of traffic and impressions on this day.


Today we have got pretty good results reaching 37,315 people, with a percentage of 33.4% women and 66.6% men.This result is also obtained from different ages as you can see in the picture on the side


In the placements section, we can see the results clearly in the image on the side:

  • Mobile App News Feed : 20786
  • Mobile Suggested Video Feed : 15121
  • Mobile In-Stream Video : 5720
  • Instant Article : 2128
  • Mobile Web News Feed : 288
  • Marketplace Mobile : 208
  • And etc....


In the location section there are also pretty good results, as you can see on the side:

  • South Sumatra : 37307
  • Bangka Belitung : 1

Performance, Demographics, Placement



In the performance section we are already getting good results with people trying to click on our ad. As you can see in the image above on the left, there is information about links clicks, people reached and amount spent.

Links ClicksPeople ReachedAmount Spent


In the demographic data as well as the age and gender distribution section and the Reach menu, we can see that there are several bars at different ages. This is a graph that gives information about the age range at which our ad is viewed.

  • Reach Data ( MEN )
  • Reach Data ( WOMEN )


In the same section and the Impressions menu, we can see that there are several bars at different ages. This is a graph that gives information about the age range at which our ad is viewed.

  • Impressions Data ( MEN )
  • Impressions Data ( WOMEN )


In the same section and the Links Clicks menu, we can see that there are several bars at different ages. This data is not big because getting more attention and getting viewers to click on ads is not easy. This is a graph that gives information about the age range at which our ad is viewed.

  • Links Clicks Data ( MEN )
  • Links Clicks ( WOMEN )

And below is information about the audience who responded to this ad with direct action. Each audience will provide their account name for data and get steem prizes from me, and this applies only to new users joining the steemit platform.


Interaction With People


That's the information about the Steemit Campaign on Facebook that I can provide today. I hope this information can be useful for all of us and also add new users. and also if you like PromoSteem Communities, you can also join and create your own campaign in your own way and of course have to be creative in adding new users.

Steemit Campaign 2 Post

Thanks to : steemcurator01 , @stephenkendal, @dobartim,

10% of post payout goes to

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Author : @arie.steem
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