Daily Chat Contest #7 (10-05-2021) - 10 Steem Everyday [Total 300 Steem] - 19 New User Join So Far

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10% of post payout goes to @promosteem.com

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I want to share goodness with others by providing 10 steems to 5 winners every day for the Daily Chat Contest. I got this inspiration from mcsamm which also has a contest like this in the weekly time. and I've talked to him about the contest I would make and he supported

However, the contest I made is different from the others, that is, you don't need to make a post, you only need to share a screenshot of your chat in the comments Daily Chat Contest post in everyday.

You can enter this contest every day, there is no limit. but you have to give different chat screenshots with different people. the contents of the screenshot is about you inviting other people to join in steemit.

Strict Regulation

  1. Provide a different screenshot on each of your entries in the comments column
  2. One person can only provide 1 entry per day
  3. The screenshots should be about talking to getting friends to join Steemit
  4. Entries are only counted if you provide a screenshot in the comments column
  5. If the conversation is in a language other than English, please write down your conversation in the comments so that I can translate
  6. Entries that are accepted are those that successfully invite your friends to join and prove the new @username in the comments column. unsuccessful to invite friends, then there are exceptions, please read the assessment below.
  7. New user you refer is a new user who joins in MAY


  1. Only introduced Steemit but did not succeed in getting friends to join Steemit - point : 1
  2. Successfully invited friends to join and prove their username - point: 2

You're On The Blacklisted If

  1. Taking other people's chat screenshot
  2. Manipulate chat screenshots with editing


  1. You sincerely accept every winner I choose every day
  2. Please report to me if you see anyone breaking the rules
  3. There is no limit to being a winner every day
  4. I choose the winners based on the conversation in the chat and also divide it evenly for everyone, so. you won't win every day
  5. The daily chat contest will be closed after I publish the next daily post along with the list of winners
  6. I provide 10 steems for 5 entries, one entry gets 2 steems, if one day it doesn't reach 5 entries then the prize for you will increase
  7. Resteem this post every time you enter this contest

Phone Number Invalid

  1. When you have a problem with an invalid phone number when registering an account, I advise you to use this tool to register https://steemyy.com/reg.php , and after that you can change the master key of your steemit account.



Example Good Comment



Make sure you always read the progress of this contest and also always follow the rules well, every improvisation of the contest is for safety and also has a real effect in promoting steemit to others

Daily Chat Contest #6

5 winners from 6 entries who participated

WinnerComment LinkPrize
@daiky69Comment2 STEEM
@peachyladivaComment2 STEEM
@umar7Comment2 STEEM
@pricelesspreshComment2 STEEM
@ebuahsang1Comment2 STEEM + 3


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For gifts, you can check my wallet, if I haven't sent the gift in 24 hours, you can reprimand me. sometimes I forget, because forgetfulness is human nature :D

daily chat.png

Okay, let's start sharing your entries in the comments column in this post


Thanks to : steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @dobartim, @pennsif

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Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ariesteem


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[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Tienes computadora?... Tienes internet?
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Si te comentará de una página la cual es como una red social en dónde compartes ideas propias sobre cualquier tema y de acuerdo a los votos de los demás personas te pagan... Te llamaría la atención..?
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: No tienes que vender nada, no tienes que invertir nada, no tienes que hacer publicidad de nada...
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Solo escribir... Compartir cualquier cosa de la que quieras hablar...
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Interactuar con los demás comentando sus artículos y votando en los artículos de otros ..
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Te va a gustar más cuando poco a poco vayas ganando $$$
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Si tienes habilidades para hacer manualidades puedes compartir eso.. hablar de eso..explicar cómo hacer algo...
[9/5 5:55 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Se llama steemit.com
[9/5 5:56 p. m.] Digitel Nuevo: En serio?
[9/5 5:56 p. m.] Digitel Nuevo: Y que hay que hacer?
[9/5 5:57 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Regístrate en steemit.com y yo te voy. Aire explicando
[9/5 5:57 p. m.] Digitel Nuevo: Ok, lo voy a hacer... Me interesa
[9/5 5:58 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: Pero seguro...
[9/5 5:58 p. m.] José Carlos González Medi: No pierdas la oportunidad
[9/5 5:58 p. m.] Digitel Nuevo: Gracias hermano, tranquilo que ahora lo hago.

Usuario Registrado

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That's right, this is a great way to do "PromoSteem", through conversational communication with WA or communication with other chat applications. And communication can be made per day to enter this contest.
Very good idea @arie.steem. Good job.

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thanks brother @tucsond

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Did a zoom meeting, she was the only one that attended and sign up.

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My entry for today
New user that I invite @sammynoah








He's a student, and I'll guide him during the weekend to write his achievement1 task post

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Zulqaini: Amsar where are you.
Amsar: Here I am at home.
Zulqaini: Now Steemit registration can return.
Amsar: Oh yes, if we can, we will immediately register.
Zulqaini: now I go to your house so we can register immediately.
Zulqaini: tomorrow or later we can post your introduction.
Amsar: It is okay then, you come now to the house let me wait.
Zulqaini: oke.

see the post how interesting the @amsar.alfaro account registration process


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nama akun steemit nya siapa ?