CONTEST "Children's Drawings": Week #3 - cat, The prize pool is 15 Steem! #club5050 ❤️️

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Hello, friends!

So the second week of "Children's Drawings" has come to an end. I want to announce the beginning of the third week, and the theme of this week will be


You can draw any kitten, cat or huge cat! My daughter, especially for the contest, who is 8 years old, drew this cat from the book she is reading now.


The rules of the contest are simple:

  1. Post a drawing in the community SteemFamily (
  2. Add a brief description of when and where the photo was taken, who is depicted on it (any number of words, the main thing is without plagiarism). Also write the age of the participant who drew the drawing.
  3. The first tag should be #detirisunok, the second is your country.
  4. Invite two of your friends to participate in the contest via @
  5. Post the main picture and a link to your post in the comments.
  6. Only one post is accepted for the contest!
  7. In the drawing you need to write the date when the drawing was drawn and the word steemit.

The date of the contest is from 18.10.2021 to 24.10.2021 inclusive. On 25.10.2021, I will announce the winners.

There will be 5 winners in total who will receive 3 steemits each. Author's sympathies are also provided.

And now it's time to take stock of last week with the theme "Autumn".

In total, 6 wonderful works were sent to the contest! Five of them receive 3 steam and one 1 steam as a sympathy from the author of the contest. Let's arrange a parade of children's drawings and reward the winners!











Incentive Prize:



All participants received prizes, which means it's time to start next week with the theme cat. I am waiting for your drawings!


And of course I urge everyone to follow the rule #club5050 ❤️️

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Спасибо за участие!

 last year 

какие рисунки классные у всех!

 last year 

Теперь кошечек можно)

 last year 

спасибо за призовые монетки!

 last year 

Присоединяйтесь к кошечкам, можно самой нарисовать)

 last year 

вот если только самой))) правда, единственный урок, который за меня делала мама, был именно рисование))

 last year 

Нужно пробовать)

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Всем привет! Милые котики от моего внука Андрюши!

Мамин котик.jpg

 last year 

Спасибо за участие!

Спасибо за такие позитивные конкурсы и приятные награды )!

 last year 


 last year 

Это конкурс для детей или можно взрослым рисовать?

 last year 

Можно всем! Не увидела во время) И взрослым и детям)

Que hermosa iniciativa para los mas pequeños de la casa! Aquí nuestra participación

 last year 

Спасибо за участие!

 last year 

Спасибо за участие!

 last year 

Рисуночки, рисуночки, рисуночки...

 last year (edited)

Спасибо! За участие

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