CONTEST "Children's Drawings": Week #2 - Autumn The prize pool is 15 Steem!

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Hello friends!

So the first week of "Children's Drawings" has come to an end. I want to announce the beginning of the second week and the theme of this week will be


Your child can draw anything. My daughter drew such an autumn birch tree, fantasy suggested that the grass is also green)
My daughter is 8 years old.


The rules of the contest are simple:

  1. Post a drawing in the community @SteemFamily.
  2. Add a brief description of when and where the photo was taken, who is depicted on it (any number of words, the main thing is without plagiarism). Also write the age of the participant who drew the drawing.
  3. The first tag should be #detirisunok, the second is your country.
  4. Invite two of your friends to participate in the contest via @
  5. Post the main picture and a link to your post in the comments.
  6. Only one post is accepted for the contest!
  7. In the drawing you need to write the date when the drawing was drawn and the word steemit.

The date of the contest is from 11.10.2021 to 17.10.2021 inclusive. On 18.10.2021, I will announce the winners.

There will be 5 winners in total who will receive 3 steemits each. Author's sympathies are also provided.

The contest starts right now, I'm waiting for your work!

And now it's time to take stock of last week with the theme "Portrait of Mom".
Total participated 6 contestants.

All the works are wonderful, so I decided to award all 6 works with 3 steem. The parade of drawings begins!













All participants received prizes, which means it's time to start next week with the theme Autumn. I am waiting for your drawings!


I still hope for support in voting from @steemcurator01 and would be grateful to everyone who has supported the posts of the members.


Thankyou @strawberrry and congrats to all who participate. Let's join again!!!

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Waiting for your work =)

Hola soy de venezuela y nueva en esta linda plataforma estoy interesada en este bello concurso amiga... mi pregunta... el dibujo de esta semana de que se trata..gracias . espero puedas orientarme.

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The date of the contest is from 11.10.2021 to 17.10.2021 inclusive. On 18.10.2021, I will announce the winners.

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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Enhorabuena, su "post" ha sido "up-voted" por @dsc-r2cornell, que es la "cuenta curating" de la Comunidad de la Discordia de @R2cornell.

Привет. Предлагаю присоединиться к русскоязычному сообществу. Оно недавно создано, но активно развивается.

Я бы поучаствовал, но будет сложно заставить попугаев рисовать))

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Можно девушку напрячь)))

В принципе - да! Спасибо за идею. Завтра статья будет! Иду уговаривать девушку рисовать

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Напишите что девочка ваша любимая)))

Она иногда у меня ещё тот ребёнок, поэтому всё нормально)))

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Спасибо за награду! Замечательный конкурс. Мы пока капли в глаза капаем для выяснения зрения, нельзя ни писать, ни читать. Как прокапаем, снова с вами!)

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Буду ждать рисунков от вашей дочки

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