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Dear dobartim, your posts are always have innovative ideas. I admire your efforts for the betterment of your members life. But dear please suggest us in our posts that what mistakes we are doing in posting a post. I always try my best but my posts are ignored always. I am struggling from too much time. I didn't get anything in the form of financial aid from one month approximately and still I am posting my posts regularly. So please guide about the flaws in my post. Otherwise please don't ignore my work. Thanks for cooperation. I hope you will consider my request.


I saw your posts, they are all similar and talk about your life. The point is to understand the psyche of people, people are emotional beings and they are driven by ego and vanity. You need to give people a reason to read your post, what interest do they have in your post, do they have advice, benefit, donation, job, opportunity to succeed in life? The purpose is to give people value, advice, hope, to believe, to show them the way how these beautiful children from school can help the elderly, to plant fruits, and to do something useful in accordance with spiritual values.
Write from the heart, let your goal be to give people something valuable, an idea, a way of life in your place, a way out of poverty, the path to a better life, do what you love.

OK. I will try my best to overcome my flaws. I was waiting this kind of reply from you for a long time. Anyway thanks for guidelines. I will try my best to write from the heart and something different for the people. I hope this kind of cooperation from you in future.

You are welcome, welcome to discord channel

OK thanks dear. I have joined it.

No idea is greater than this. You're indeed a human resource personnel. Much love sir @dobartim



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