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When you write a great post when you see that you have 0 cents, do you still want to write or do you want to give up? The combination of writing, promotion, marketing, and knowledge of the blockchain way of functioning are the basic skills that we need to master if we want to progress to the top. Love is a state of mind and emotion that drives our strength, talents, tendency to do something with maximum potential. What would you like to do, how much do you expect to earn? Start exploring yourself, don’t let money become your love, because money is a consequence of our work and our relationship with other people. Do what you love, where you feel love and passion, if it's jewelry, maybe it's good to write about jewelry and tell people how to make good jewelry themselves. Make things interesting, if you want to have a special status then be different from others, don't be a copy and do the same things as everyone else. Start improvising, make some creative ideas, start recording your daily life and how people can meet their basic needs. If you live in a poor country or don't have money, maybe it's a good idea to start your own podcast or youtube channel on how people can make money, be useful to others. If you like medicine or natural remedies then write about it, give people advice and recipes on how to improve their health. There is no profitable website, there is social media (all social media) you need to become a brand, for people to start following you, that is the main goal - and when you achieve that, then the profit will come. Steemit is a place where you need to start building a career of the future, you can make it both useful and profitable for you.


Don’t let your dreams and your ideas fall apart, get up and fight with everything you have to make your life start to shine in all directions. The hardest part is to determine the direction in which we will move, the next step is to set off on the path to the goal and never give up. We can choose a lot, even if we make mistakes, don't worry about it, that's the price we have to pay on our way to growth. Each of us has the right to make mistakes, the successful have the greatest number of mistakes and that makes them successful, go your own way, go towards happiness, peace and success.

If you want to get some real advice that can change your life, I am always open to anyone who has a strong desire - you can find me on the discord channel.

Welcome to Elon Green Coin project -

Welcome to Elon Green Coin discord channel

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

See you on the top @dobartim
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Don’t let your dreams and your ideas fall apart, get up and fight with everything you have to make your life start to shine in all directions

In fact, your post inspire me a lot to do more and to think about longevity and the impact of our post on readers. Indeed you're an inspiration.

Thank you for your kind words

I want your attraction my honorable friend dobartim

Be yourself, creative and persistent

Plz give me your contact

Welcome on discord

Hello @masifsattar1 the attraction you can get comes from steady commenting positively on his posts and from other big users. @dobartim encouraged this I applied it and it worked so try same surely it will work for you too.
Maybe I have make a post on how to get the attention of the big users to our blog.
Be happy and steem on.

Dear dobartim, your posts are always have innovative ideas. I admire your efforts for the betterment of your members life. But dear please suggest us in our posts that what mistakes we are doing in posting a post. I always try my best but my posts are ignored always. I am struggling from too much time. I didn't get anything in the form of financial aid from one month approximately and still I am posting my posts regularly. So please guide about the flaws in my post. Otherwise please don't ignore my work. Thanks for cooperation. I hope you will consider my request.

I saw your posts, they are all similar and talk about your life. The point is to understand the psyche of people, people are emotional beings and they are driven by ego and vanity. You need to give people a reason to read your post, what interest do they have in your post, do they have advice, benefit, donation, job, opportunity to succeed in life? The purpose is to give people value, advice, hope, to believe, to show them the way how these beautiful children from school can help the elderly, to plant fruits, and to do something useful in accordance with spiritual values.
Write from the heart, let your goal be to give people something valuable, an idea, a way of life in your place, a way out of poverty, the path to a better life, do what you love.

OK. I will try my best to overcome my flaws. I was waiting this kind of reply from you for a long time. Anyway thanks for guidelines. I will try my best to write from the heart and something different for the people. I hope this kind of cooperation from you in future.

You are welcome, welcome to discord channel

OK thanks dear. I have joined it.

No idea is greater than this. You're indeed a human resource personnel. Much love sir @dobartim



We can choose a lot, even if we make mistakes, don't worry about it, that's the price we have to pay on our way to growth

You know what i am stronger because of you. I almost gave up yesterday. Tomorrow will be better. Thank you, i needed this.

You are welcome, keep going

Steemit is a life style. One need to live it. Originality, courage and persistence are required. Surely you will get to the top.
Steemit doesn't operate on get rich quick attitude if you come with such intention steemit might look frustrating to you. Of all the communities on steemit #steemschools is the only place you can be nurtured. The founder @dobartim is ever ready to give a helping hand to reach your goal . From my observations on following him, he doesn't believe in gifting free money but he gives what is great than money which is his time , his ideas free of charge and 24/7 this is the real value. Follow his teachings and you will be successful.
See you at the top.

See you at the top

Thank you sir


Thank you for this amazing motivation sir

You are welcome

Precisos y concisos los post que siempre públicas amigo @dobartim, siempre imprenagdos de enseñanzas y con un gran sentido de altruismo y mucha espiritualidad. Saludos y mucho éxito ☺️


Justo en este momento necesitaba palabras como estás, mi querido amigo. Gracias. @dobartim Saludos

Saludos Amiga

I do not know if my story is wrong or right, I fight for my partner and my daughter, that love is the engine that drives me to continue working even if I do not receive rewards. My goal is to get them both to a place with better opportunities, honestly I am raised in the old fashioned way, Steemit cannot see it as a job and although I need and could use the money of good votes, I consider that once my economic goal has been achieved I will start to use it more as what it is, a platform to create community, meet people who open doors for you and help everyone to grow. Thank you for giving me the label of "friend" as soon as I joined the platform, that was a great boost for me, soon I will be in a better situation and I will join more fully to collaborate with what I can to the new ones as you did. with me :D

Mi historia no se si està mal o bien, lucho por mi pareja y por mi hija, ese amor es el motor que me impulsa a seguir trabajado aunque no reciba recompensas. Mi meta es sacarlas a ambas a un sitio con mejores oportunidades, honestamente soy criado a la antigua, Steemit no logro verlo como un trabajo y aunque necesito y me vendria bien el dinero de buenos votos, considero que lograda mi meta economica empezaré a usarlo mas como lo que es, una plataforma para crear comunidad, conocer personas que te abren las puertas y ayudar a todos a crecer. Gracias por darme la etiqueta de "friend" apenas me uní a la plataforma, eso fué un gran impulso para mi, pronto estaré en una mejor situacion y me uniré mas de lleno a colaborar con lo que pueda a los nuevos tal cual usted lo hizo conmigo :D

Keep going, see you at the top

Thank you so much for this article I am inspired.
Sometimes I feel like I'm giving up.
But with your words of wisdom, encourage me to go forward.

You are welcome

I never give up I've been here for more than 3 years and I'm still here. Introduce my friends, it's savings.

Yes, i got a series of 0 cents in my posts. I stopped before because of that. But, this time whether they are upvoted or not, I will continue blogging and sharing my art, talent and love of writing.

What a nice sharing, makes me realize something. Thanks you🤗

You are welcome

Thanks for sharing, it really inspired me

Cada uno de nosotros tiene derecho a cometer errores, los exitosos tienen la mayor cantidad de errores y eso los hace exitosos, seguir su propio camino, ir hacia la felicidad, la paz y el éxito.

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