Try to keep the promise

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On an ice cold night in America, a millionaire owns his In front of the house he saw an old poor man. The old man asked, "It's so cold outside and yours.
There are no warm clothes on the body, you do not feel cold?
The old man replied, “I don’t have warm clothes but I have adapted. "

The millionaire replied, “Wait for me.
Now I enter my room with a warm cloth for you
I'll come. "
The poor old man said very happily, he would wait for him.
The millionaire entered his house and got busy there
Went and forgot about the poor man.
In the morning he thought of the poor old man. With him
He went out of the house to find the old man
To do. But he left the old man dead because of the cold
See, and see a note in the old man's hand
Got it.
The note read -
“When I didn’t have any warm clothes, I fought the cold
I had the ability to do it because I adapted.
But when you promised to help me,
Then I became addicted to your promise and
I lost my ability to resist the cold. "
"Think before you make a promise to someone and refrain from making unreasonable false promises."


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