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Welcome to our curatorship report for the Discord Community of @r2cornell. This time we will give the information corresponding to report 80. For this period, our Discord membership is 2210. Our hive community on Steemit (hive-152200) memberships stands at 1413. We curate 125 steemit publications from Sunday 07-11-2021 to Saturday 13-11-2021.

Bienvenidos a nuestro informe de curaduría para la Comunidad Discord de @r2cornell. En esta oportunidad daremos la información correspondiente al informe 80. Para este período, nuestra membresía de Discord es 2210. Nuestra membresía de la comunidad de la colmena en steemit (colmena-152200) es de 1413. Curamos 125 publicaciones steemit desde el domingo 07-11-2021 hasta el sábado 13-11-21.


Desarrollando la creatividad de los niños: Portalacipes STEEM - por @saracampero

By @saracampero

Photography - owl sumatera

By @realworld23

CLUB5050 ♥ THE DIARY GAME : 6 November 2021: Our town washed by the rain. Another package with Ayurvedic products. Tutoring. Evening walk through the foggy town

By @ir3k

Daily dynamic, martes: Elaboración de un hermoso cuadro decorativo con técnica de moteado! | By @mariemra

By @mariemra

Dynamic SteemWomenClub|| 09 Noviembre 2021|| Te enseño a elaborar una "Moñera Rosi" por @yuviart exclusivo para #steemwomenclub

By @yuviart


By @peachyladiva

Railway Station of BAU

By @abmleon

Un'avventura by Mogol and Battisti - Cover by Donatello

By @donatello


Miércoles #obras creativas ...10/11/2021☀️Hermoso adorno Navideño 🎄 ||#club5050|| @yuthyuth || el el 10% de este post será para el crecimiento de la comunidad

By @yuthyuth

Food – DiaryGame, Temporada: 3 | 12/11/2020 | sfcharity50pc| #Club5050 | Mi primer Diario de alimentos.

By @rosinat


This brings us to the end of our 80th Curation Report. There are so many quality posts curated this week that it was difficult to choose the ones for the report. I can only say "I congratulate you for your efforts in bringing quality publications, successes for all"

*Esto nos lleva al final de nuestro Informe de la 80ª Curación. Hay tantas publicaciones de calidad curadas esta semana que fue difícil elegir las del informe. Sólo puedo decir "Los felicito por sus esfuerzo en traer publicaciones de calidad, éxitos para todos"

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It is a pride to see so many good talents on this platform, we send them congratulations for their great work, and to the entire team that makes it possible.

Very helpful post always support for you.
Thanks you so much sir @scilwa for sharing

Thank you very much sir for the information it is very helpful for me 👍

Terimakasih banyak bapak @scilwa atas informasinya sangat membantu sekali untuk saya 👍

Thanks for publishing #80 th curation
Report those who are published
Quality publications
Congratulations to entire list of
Successful candidates

It's the same bro, what are the benefits for those who are selected posts, bro?

You will get up vote from the selector:-)

Good bro, thank you infomantion👍

Ideally more users will see publications that highlighted and users that they may not have seen. I know some visit the persons blog and look through their newer posts, giving them better exposure.

It is also an indicator that our curators are working and doing there best to get as many publication curated. As each curation account grows in voting power when we curate the person stands to earn more. The same thing happens when price rises for a token/coin from one of the platforms.

Gracias por tomar en cuenta mi trabajo eso me anima mucho a seguír con mis Post

Thank you for the vote!

Thanks you so much sir @scilwa for sharing

The posts presented show the dedication of the participants, congratulations and extended to the organizers.

Thanks for your support. ☺️

thank you for choosing my post, tomorrow tomorrow don't forget to vote hehe😂🙏🏻👍

We do a good job, since a person like you motivates us to be better every day.


All posts are great! Thank you for choosing my post!

Happy curation report#80. To curate 125 steemit publications from Sunday 07-11-2021 to Saturday 13-11-2021. Many many thanks.

All posts are beautiful! Thank you for curating!!!!

Congratulations to all and enjoy and bee happy.
Thanks sir.

Very beautiful photoshoot. Looking at the rose, I really felt its scent. I already want warmth and a sea of flowers.

Very nice movement sir @scilwa and this place is amazing thanks to sharing this post upvote and resteem love movement 🤍❤️🖤

It is pleasant to see so many good publications together in one place, congratulations to all.

Muchas gracias por valorar mi trabajo

Hello @scilwa… I have chosen your post about “-CURATION REPORT (steemit) # 80 for @R2CORNELL'S DISCORD COMMUNITY-” for my daily initiative to retest - vote and comment…
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

thanks for the support @scilwa

Muy buenas todas las publicaciones 👍

Congratulations to all, you are a good example for this entire community. And thanks to all the people on this great team for making all of this come true.

Thanks for curation report & well support. Always grateful to you.

Hi, @scilwa,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn 100% of the curation rewards!
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Hello bro @scilwa @scilwa @scilwa, sorry if I disturb you, how to get upvoted from this community bro, i hope you understand it, for your information i appreciate.

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