My Town 10 Pictures Challenge - 10 Best Photography Contest (Open The World)

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Our city is our soul. This city is surrounded by thousands of shops. Thousands of societies. We live in this city. And in this city, we may have seen a lot. We may have heard a lot you can keep it by capturing photos.

So,Share 10 Pictures of your town best Famous places if you get it anywhere.

Follow This Rules :

Resteem This Post (As you like)

• Post must be done in Open-The World Community

• You Need To Add 10 Pictures of your town.

• Your post link must be post in the comment box .(Must)

• Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

• Please don't use photos that you find on the internet!

• Plagiarism content is Not Allow (be careful)

• Photo Must be Your own.

• Please Use First Tag #mytown10pics second #steemexclusive & then add where you are posting from like : #bangladesh then #open-theworld tags in your post.

• Use what3words location Link ✅ (must)

How To Use what3words

• Please Provide Description Of Every Photos you captured.

Quality Post Get Accepted for winning Chance So Trying To Make Quality Post.

10 Steem Prize Pool :

Position Prices
1st 5 Steem
2nd 3 Steem
3rd 2 Steem

This contest will run for 15 days..
Last Time is (22-05-2021)

DC. @steemcurator01 sir , @steemcurator02 sir , @steemitblog

Thank you all

 3 years ago 

I am very interested

Good contest,I want to participate.

It's an spam comment @taizul
If you make spam comment I will mute from our community

@open-theworld, Good evening friend, many Blessings I congratulate you for the initiative to create a community and support the members, I want to be at your service to help you invite more members, especially from Venezuela, since many of the new members to the platform are Venezuelans, Currently I have a large group of people that I am giving guidance for a whatzap group that I start, and also a large group of family and friends, I am dedicated to working almost 17 hours on the platform, studying, documenting more than #steemit, I have knowledge of advertising in canva and I would like to help the community grow, I hope you give me a favorable response to invite Venezuelan members and from all over the world to the community, greetings.

Okay I appreciate your good work.

Invite your friend in our community & I will check your activity then I will make you friend in my community.

Thank you @josemen

@ibrahim7869 Hello Blessings, I am the daughter of @josemen, from today I begin to invite new users to the community, I hope you support me, for the work I am doing

@ibrahim7869 She is my daughter and from now on we have joined to work for the community, inviting more members and supporting with the votes, I hope that they will support us in the same way.

Absolutely, I will support all of my community members who make quality post & also join our latest contest in our community...

❤️ Thanks for understanding ❤️


Absolutely 🤗
I will try to support user's who hard work in our community

Good day @ibrahim7869 trust you are doing good! Please I have downloaded the what3words application and all I could find and copy from it are only locations how do I get the code please, so I can send in my contest. Thanks @mcharmattan

My experience:



Please check our video on YouTube

So excited

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