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These days I catch up Steem/Steemit updates regarding to the governance issue while I maintain my indoor garden ;) All the tomato, paprika and egg plant seeds were sowed by yesterday.



Salads in the middle of the photo below got quite tall 😅But other than that plants grow more strongly than those I had past years.



Rucola and Chard with light (left) and without (right).



Germination takes place on home heating ... a hobby gardener make use of everything 😁





I've wondered about using home heating, I thought it might be too hot. Interesting to see the difference in growth with the light,

That's right for some heatings. I use the one along a window and I regularly turn on it steadily with lower temperature (2 out of 5). I put towel on top to make a buffer. Special heating mat for plants can be an option but I try to save cost and use less items :D

Cool idea planting paprika!

Thank you michaelmcawesome!

So cool :)
I have a home garden too. And I planted tomatoes and paprika. Big windows help me with the light. :)

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