Composting: kitchen scraps become soil-ish / 台所ごみが土に返っている!?

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I buried half-composted kitchen scraps in garden in the beginning of this month. I dig the part. It seems they are becoming soil-ish :) Only large onion skins are visible. I wait few more weeks and will see I can plant something here or use it in containers.

The method I follow is a Japanese method called "Kadota method": Making compost accelerator with rice bran, soil and water, putting kitchen scraps with the accelerator time by time in a bag (I use an old eco bag) for 1-2 weeks. Then bury it in ground or put in a container with soil.

In addition, I cut kitchen scraps when I have time and dry it with left over heat after I bake bread.


I like to see them on baking tray :) Every bath has own unique good smell.


As I couldn't find rice bran, I start using wheat bran. I read yogurt can be added to compost accelerator. Not sure but my sour dough works? I added 1 table spoon of sour dough this time. Let's see my German compost accelerator works!



どんな方法でコンポストしているかというと、『新カドタ式 生ごみでカンタン土づくり』を参考に、途中鍋にたまったものを台所バサミで小さくして、パンを焼いたあとのオーブンの熱で乾燥させるなどしています。

門田幸代 著 『新カドタ式 生ごみでカンタン土づくり Kindle版


もう少ししたら一番最初に埋めた場所に何かを植えてみたり、肥料的にコンテナで使ってみたりします :)


Congratulations, your post has been selected to be included in my weekly Sustainability Curation Digest for the Minnow Support Project.

Thank you a lot @pennsif!

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