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Hi, I'm @visionaer3003, I'm a witness in Steemit. I am also the Founder of the Camping Club Steemit (CCS) community.

I really appreciate all those who have supported me as a witness in Steemit. Witness has an important role in the Steem Blockchain ecosystem, therefore I will make every effort to make an impact on the progress of the ecosystem, including returning that value to users.

As a witness, I will focus on providing support to a growing community to achieve resource independence. Through this announcement, we provide a great opportunity for the entire community to join the "Community Support Program".

Community Support Program

"Community Support Program" is a curated support program for growing communities to increase value in their ecosystem.

After evaluating and considering resources, this program will provide curation support to 2 selected communities every month. Our focus is to empower communities to grow bigger and achieve independence.

Currently we have more than 530 K Steem Power (SP) resources to be used to run this program. This value will continue to increase along with the investment growth that we bring to Steemit.

Applying to be a Community Support

We invite all communities to join this program. If you would like your community to be selected for Community Support, an Admin, Moderator or Founder should make an application post including the following information :

  • The name of your community, and the name of the community account.

  • A brief description of the purpose of the community, including the vision and mission of the community.

  • A list of all Admins and Moderators - including when they joined Steem, and their current amount of own Steem Power.

  • Your point of view or opinion about Witness.

  • Impact your community for the progress of the Steem ecosystem.

  • Details of how your community prevents plagiarism and abuse.

Application posts can be in any language and post in your community. You should include the tag #communitysupport-3003 and your country tag in the first four tags.

Applications should be submitted by 11.59pm UTC, March 30, 2023.

How the Curation System

530 K Steem Power (SP) will be fully used to support 2 selected communities every month and get priority support from us. This curation program will run every month and 2 communities will be priority support for that month.

  1. Provide curation support to 2 communities. they will be selected randomly every month (consideration based on their post submission). Submissions will run monthly.

  2. Fully prioritized support is for community accounts on a daily basis, as a support effort to increase their community curated account resources (SP).

  3. Provide support to admins/moderators (maximum 2 upvotes per week for each Admin/MOD).

  4. Provide upvote support for member posts that are included in the top posts in the community (the upvote percentage will vary, depending on the quality level of the post).

We plan to announce the successful Community Support Program by the beginning of April.

If you have any questions about this, contact us on Discord

Authorized by @visionaer3003

Community leaders
@hive-109690 CCS Owner
@visionaer3003 CCS Witnesses ❤️
@ponpase CCS Administrator Staff ⭐️
@aaliarubab CCS MOD Community Manager ⭐️
@campingclub CCS MOD

With that in mind, happy blogging

Home is where your heart is !❤️



Great initiative. I just know one new community, it's not even a week old yet @hive-107855. It is a growing union of writers and poets.
I hope they will be able to apply for support.

You are a wonderful promoter...!

I love you too...!

Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look and thank you for the nice comment 🙏

You are welcome 🖐 😊

 last year (edited)

Thanks for this wonderful update, my communities will be applying and i do hope we get the opportunity to be selected.

It is possible to get support even if your community is not selected. Members who do not participate in the Community Support Program but who work with us are supported. Preferably have Club100 status. You only need the taging #ccs #support

 last year 

Wow thanks for the info.

Thank you for supporting us this month and helping us in growing our community account. We will ready for next month too. I hope we will get a chance again. Best of luck to all the communities who will submit their applications.

We'll definitely be checking back more often next month, please continue to use #ccs #support tagging next month

 last year 

This is a great initiatives, I believe this will go a long way to encourage and support newly created community that are struggling with supporting their members via curation. I'll encourage every community admins and moderators to apply for this program... As a moderator in STEEM4STUDENTS community I'll be submitting our application soon.

Thank you!

Really nice community, I'm looking forward to your application, I've already joined your community and I will take a closer look.
Thanks for your visit 😊

Thank you so much for sharing your content and generosity with us.


Thanks so much for these nice words,😊

Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

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