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Hello, steemians...

The tools category has been updated. This is all about steemit Dapps-related website. Here users could easily find their favorite Apps. Special Thanks to the Team of @stmpak.wit witness and @rme for funding...

ScreenShots from @faran-nabeel

Admin have all DATA access, the dev could send the link and basic information to admin @blockseater for listing their app

we are Collecting more data

Thanks to @alejos7ven who give us tools link we updated


screen shot by @blockseater

In the future, we will collect APIs from different webs like, and this website will become a promotional page by collecting a number of information about platforms in the Steem Ecosystem.



we are collecting data from different developers to add in apps kindly support us in completing #social-cetagory

Best Regards:-

Stmpak.wit Team @malikusman1 | @steemdoctor1 | @faran-nabeel


literally i was sreaching for it
thank you for sharing

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 last year 

Note : Kindly all dev drop the link of your dapp on this post's comment section and give us a basic information about your dapp.

Thank you so much team for this update and soon we collect all steem related dapps on our web for all our steemians.

Have a nice day team.. Best regards to faran nabeel.

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